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Thread: 3 simple rules! We're not a dictatorship! It's your farm! It's a game! But we love p

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    3 simple rules! It's not a dictatorship! It's your farm! It's a game that we love to

    Holly 'n Pollys Place
    English speaking
    Champions league

    3 simple rules

    1. We're a very HELPFUL group. Please don't take advantage of our generous farmers. Give more than you take because we all do! We truly don't mind helping, in fact we enjoy helping! Just pay it forward!

    2. Communication is important. We use the chat for both personal conversations and the derby. You don't have to chat with us about anything outside the game. We're okay with that but we do ask you use the chat board to communicate during the derby so everybody stays aware.

    We use Facebook messenger, texting, and email (someone who prefers not to do Facebook and lives in Canada). We're very flexible and can normally jump on immediately if someone needs help or there's a problem. Which rarely happens but it has happened and we nip it in the bud quickly.

    3. Please complete all derby tasks. In champions league that's NINE tasks. We do 305+ in normal derbys (most of us do 315+) and 320+ (most of us do 360+) in special. We normally place in the top 3 weekly which is where we like to be and intend to stay. You have a busy week coming up - Opt out. We're fine with that. You need to take a break - just say hey life is crazy, I'm tired of playing, I'm going to take a month off... Opt out and we'll be here when you get back.

    If you think you would like to give us a try please stop on by! We're a great team of players who love the game!
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