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Thread: Speeding up the Spawning of Derby Tasks: The Cost in Diamonds

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    Question Speeding up the Spawning of Derby Tasks: The Cost in Diamonds

    Hi Forum!

    I have a question.

    After we trash a task from the Derby Task Board, a little clock pops up in the newly empty space, and a countdown begins. Without spending diamonds, it'll take 30 minutes for a new task to spawn.

    As time passes, the cost of speeding up a new task gradually gets lower. Initially, it costs 5 diamonds to get a new task to spring up on the board. Then the cost drops to 4, 3, 2, and then eventually only 1 diamond.

    At what points in time, does the price of spawning a new task drop to:

    4 diamonds?
    3 diamonds?
    2 diamonds?
    and 1 diamond?

    For instance, when there are 30 minutes to some (unknown to me) X number of minutes remaining on a task-spawning countdown, it costs 5 diamonds to get the board to cough up a new task.

    Hopefully, one or a few of you clever farmers can help me out. Thanks!
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    Hi, LTMP

    6 minutes = 1 diamond

    12 minutes = 2 diamonds

    18 minutes = 3 diamonds

    24 minutes = 4 diamonds

    30 minutes = 5 diamonds
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