This isn’t a bug per se but it has resulted in serious problems for myself as well as several others I know and I assume many more.
The leave button is right next to the X button on the neighborhood page, and for the second time I’ve accidentally hit “confirm” instead of “cancel” during a derby. I couldn’t care less about the prizes but my neighborhood has been seriously affected as a result of this as they lose up to 3200 potential points.

If I join back I still cannot continue doing tasks despite being opted in prior to accidentally leaving.

To prevent this and/or reduce the effects of it happening I have a few ideas that I beg you to implement st least one of.

- The option to type out “CONFIRM” before leaving. Make it optional so it’s not a hassle for everyone, only those who want it.

- A countdown (10-20 seconds) after hitting confirm where one can join back if it was unintentional.

- To be opted back in and keep points/prizes/remaining tasks if one rejoins.