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Thread: Additional confirmation for certain actions

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    Additional confirmation for certain actions

    Just now I accidentally left my neighborhood, thus forfeiting my derby rewards (thankfully I had finished my tasks so I don’t bring down the rest of my hood).
    In a moment of confusion I accidentally hit confirm instead of cancel after accidentally hitting “Leave” on the neighborhood page which is very close to the “X” button.

    I have an idea for a solution to this. Some sort of “Paranoid Mode” where we would have to type out “CONFIRM” in order to leave a neighborhood as well as some other actions like use diamonds, etc. This would be completely optional and it could be toggled for different actions.

    I imagine it wouldn’t be too hard to add in, and it could be not turned on by default after releasing it, so it wouldn’t be a hassle for those who don’t want it.
    Don’t know what to put here. It’s been so long.

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    Well it's interesting since this happened in my neighbourhood recently. I think you shouldn't be allowed to leave until the derby is finished as long as you're opted in. You can leave only when it reaches the pause. No protocol if you aren't opted in though. I think that's more logical. Most times confirmations confuse me.

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