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Thread: Making Earnest have the same turn on off feature Rose has

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    Making Earnest have the same turn on off feature Rose has

    Hi there! First off I got to say I love the changes in the town with being able to collect a townie individually when they are not done with all the buildings. Now I donít have to pick so tightly with my pen.

    One peeve I do have, and please help me if I am doing it wrong, is the helpers and the derby.
    I put goat cheese in the dairy for my task expecting over night I would collect the rest that I needed in the morning. But NO ! What I did before doing the task is taking choices off for Earnest to work on any dairy. Ok. I put my goat milk in and I had all slots filled with goat milk and thought ok now I can put Earnie back on so when the cheese is done he can continue. Well I come to my game and NO CHEESE!!! Earnie had collected it all and that did not count as ME doing it!
    Wow. Not happy. Now I am not sure I will get all the cheese collected in time. And not fair because I tried too do this Intelligently! If you consider a change in any time soon please consider this when we have hired the helpers. I did figure out Rose can be controlled by whether you want her to feed or not. Great! but letís have Earnie have the same options! It is a pain to roll back all the individual items one may not have him working on.

    Back to square one and hoping I have enough time to not loose this derby for our team!

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    Did you order him to have a certain amount of goat cheese? Cause if not, he does not pick it up.

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