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Thread: Mystery Derby

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    Mystery Derby


    I am really enjoying this concept of mystery derby. I like how everyone does not know what task there going to be assigned to. So everything is equal. The hoods have no time to prep and advance with the derby points. Please if we can continue this idea it would be great even without the 400 points. Just with regular 320 being highest.

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    agree, that's the point to make everybody the same, do a task without knowing what AND preparing it ... love the fact ...
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    While I absolutely love the Mystery Derby, I don't think it should become a 'normal' thing with just 320 point tasks. I like the fact that you get with extra points for doing them. I like that it's a once in a while thing.
    I think if it would be a normal thing, many people wouldn't do any anymore. What's the point? You can't prepare so it's harder but you don't get extra points?

    (Personally I think it's just fun so I definitely would keep taking them )
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