Hi guys, love the game been playing for about 4 years.

However I think there is room for improvement and user choices.
1. More options e.g.. blueberries, walnuts, peanuts, coconut trees, Silverbeet, spinach, avocado etc. This is turn would give players more options to create things like blueberry muffins, coconut milk, spinach and feta pies, almond milk, rice milk -why is this not an option yet. Also for our animals why is the pig the only one to do meat. Maybe have options for getting chicken, lamb and beef from our animals as well as having the products they produce

2. More machines - some machines we need more of - bee tree, the lobster/duck trap maker, another jam machine as that takes about 6 hours but crops take a max of 3 hours, another candy making machine again -18 hours to make a bar of chocolate.

3. Tom's sleeping habits. Feels like it should be more like a typical workday - do 10 minute breaks between searches and then an 8 hour sleep based on the players timezone.

4. How we use the axe, pickaxe and saw expire after one use - it must be a pretty budget tool.

5. More machine options - like perfume, alcohol brewery, personal hygiene.

6. Decorations - I'm pretty OCD about my farm - would be great to have little signs next to each crop of what it is- the little signs with the vege picture

Thanks in advance for reading the essay.