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Thread: Possible traits of a bot user?

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    Possible traits of a bot user?


    just to be clear I've already booted a player and I've reported him to supercell for investigation.

    So as I've already booted a clan member (Player A) for suspecting him of botting in regards of attacking and farming.
    Now his friend (Player B) is giving me hell and telling me a long winded story of why his buddy isn't using a bot. Now hear me out why I took the decision and please tell me your thoughts:

    Player B:
    - joined our clan first, asked specifically how well our donation rates are as this would be a condition for Player A to join us (I#m coming back to this later).

    Player A:
    - speaks English fluently
    - lives in far east Asia and is befriended with Player B in Europe
    - has been online for many many hours throughout the day and requesting troops about every 10min
    - I've been online (Europe) at about 3am or 4am where there are only 2 player online which are Player A and myself as I see Player A repeatedly over a stretch of an hour constantly requesting the same troops every 10min. Since its too frequent for me to refill everytime I stop donating and tell Player A to please stop reqesting all the time since nobody is refilling her requests anymore as we are also only 2 players online and her requests aren't filled. There is no chat response whatsoever. 10 min go by and the same request, even though the previous request wasnt fulfilled at all. I try to chat again but yet no response. This goes on a few more times. So the next few requests I purposefully fulfill them with crappy units that he didnt request. And we as a clan have little tolerance against false donations. Still no chat response from him and I also see him attacking bases during that time.
    - it has also happened in the first few days that he joined that he kept donating incorrect troops. People got angry and voiced it in chat but no repsonse from him. Later Player B apologizes for Player A as apparently Player A hands his account over to his chinese cousin that apparently cant speak English and thats the reason why the 'cousin' never responded in chat. Apparently the cousin got a stern talking to from Player A and all was fine afterwards.

    So here comes the reason for booting him. I had just had another player admit to me via a private chat via Whatsapp that he's botting and all the traits that his accounts were showing e.g. the non-stop troop requests, the non-responsiveness via chat and some other stories, have been paralled by Player A's behavior.

    So now that Player A got booted, Player B, his buddy is getting all in my face and telling me the story of how Player A's account was his a few years ago but he didnt have the time to play both and handed his account over to Player A. But to help out with Player A's progress he helps him out on occasions, so does the cousin.

    Now to the last detail from the beginning at the time that they joined the clan and asked how good our donation rate is, here's my suspicion that he was checking it out for real as to mask his rate of troop request and donations, well the one of his bot.

    You see where I am going with this? Too many traits that imo a normal human player, even an addictive one, wouldn't show.
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    I'm no expert on the matter but requesting troops every 10 mins for an hour sounds more like someone using a boost . You said he was from Asia so I would suspect he couldn't speak English as the reason he wasn't talking in chat . So far nothing you described screams bot to me .

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    It's difficult to be objective here. Indirectly botting affects us all.
    The situation has obviously concerned you, hence your post.
    My advice would be to free up your anxiety, and just kick the suspected player, and move on.
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    Boosting, OK, could be a reason. Forgot to add that Player A speaks English fluently. So he could've understood and read my messages. It was only the chinese cousin that couldn't speak English.

    But thanx for your ideas

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    Oh the player has been booted already. its more of an issue re other players in my clan not being on the same train of thought as me and I wanted to get an objective viewpoint from you guys.

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    Never reply when ur angry. Never make a promise when ur happy. Never make a decision when ur sad.
    Player A, Player B and Player C(Hinese) are most likely, all one.

    Boot any past relatives & future offsprings of the said Drama Queen. They are not worth the stress

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    1. ask him to share replays (multiple of them) in clan chat
    It's easy to see if they are botted

    2. spectate him.
    Again easy to see a botted attack
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    I would categorise the activity as suspicious, regardless of whether there were actually any shenanigans involved.

    I wouldn't want that kind of doubt about someone in my clan so I would have taken the same actions that you did

    If player B is giving you grief now then it might be time to walk away from that too

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    Definitely botting, i have been in a clan long ago where most did this, settings can be kept to ask for troops after time, aslo donating too, it's a PC software. So most probably they run it on their home computer and leave it on for hours in background.

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    if you ask to see replays then they could be 'normal' attacks, spectating them to look for any patterns may yield more results

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