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    [One & Only] Supercell ID Thread

    [Mod Edit]

    Supercell have now released an official tutorial video, which can be accessed here:

    part one:

    part two:

    [/Mod Edit]

    ​So I just finished taking a deep breath after reading through all these pages (most of them not all), setting up my 6 accounts with supercell ID’s. It went flawlessly, I have switched back and forth between accounts on 2 different devices and all 6 are available on both devices, Very nice Supercell Dev’s. Bravo! I spent a lot of time on this, if there's any mistakes you see let me know I'll edit them. Hope this helps some people. I think the biggest problem isn't supercell- it's that people are just button pushers, they push, click, swipe, and tap stuff before they read and understand what they're doing....

    In the interest of helping others accomplish this who are nervous after reading through the thread, I will give an overview of my experience, and the steps I took to get it done.

    First some specifics about my accounts:
    I have a maxed TH11, a fairly mediocre TH9, and 4 maxed TH7’s. They are (were) all associated with Apple Game Center ID’s. I have no experience with Google Play accounts. Naturally I was a little hesitant to go ahead and switch to SuperCell ID’s or losing accounts somehow.

    Step 1: The first thing you need is a separate email address for each one of your villages-
    Make a list of the email address you want to use for each village, you only get 1 chance to pick an email address for your new supercell id. write them down ahead of time so you don't screw it up.

    So in my case since my gamecenter ID’s were a mix of @comcast and @icloud email addresses and I wanted some kind of uniformity, I created 6 brand new @gmail accounts today. I made the new gmail addresses correspond (somewhat) with the individual village names for simplicity. You don't have to do this obviously, it was just easier for me to create new one's that sort of matched the names of my villages

    An important note- You can use any email address you want when you create the new supercell ID. This is your chance to change email addresses for your account, For example I have a friend who has a th8 which another friend of his gave him on a device he didn't use anymore, he doesn’t have any of the Apple ID info for it, so he wouldn’t be able to play that village on any other device. This opportunity was perfect for him, He just created a new email address for that village. You don't have to use the same email you're currently attached to. I basically abandoned all the @comcast emails doing this today, because I’m switching to FIOS soon.

    Back to business- Now I know it seems stupid to make up 6 new email addresses, because who wants to add that many to their phone? right? Well, I didn’t- After I created each new @gmail address, I went immediately into account settings and forwarded all emails to my 1 primary existing @icloud account that I use as my primary email address. So that when I started receiving the verification emails, I'd get them all in one inbox.

    With me so far?

    -key points here
    -you need a separate email address for each new supercell id
    -you can use the email you're village is already associated with, or create a new one it's up to you.

    Step 2- First load up the village you want to start with on your device.

    So in my case my TH11 was what I started with. So I signed into that gamecenter account, and went through the normal start up where it asked me if I want to load the base and typed CONFIRM in the box and all that-

    Now I’m looking at my TH11 and I go over and click the settings (gear icon)- Supercell ID is top middle and showing red and reads disconnected. I click the button and choose “create new”

    After you click create new you get this screen- Press Continue:

    ​Next Screen: This is where you enter the email Address you want to assign to the new Supercell ID for the current village you have loaded- Again I’ll remind you, You can use any email address you want right now at this step, it doesn’t have to be the Apple ID email you’re associated with. Any email address will work. But once you enter it and click Register- that's it! Done deal, that email is stuck to that village, so make sure you enter the right email for the village that's currently loaded on your device!

    ​Once you do that and click register: you will get to this screen:

    ​You will now receive an email at the email address you entered that will have a 6 digit code you need to enter.... then click submit.

    That’s it. You’re done- your current village is now no longer associated with an Apple ID, and is associated with your new Supercell ID

    Step 3- So how do I get my next account on this device?
    It’s not too hard-
    First click the settings Gear icon and get back to the main settings screen below and press the green “connected” button under supercell ID:

    ​You'll be on this screen next. Press Log Out

    ​Then press Confirm:

    ​This next part is the tricky part that I haven’t seen explained real clearly in many posts. It’s technically easy but not really intuitive. You need to get your next village loaded up on the device. In order to do that, since you’re next village is still associated with a gamecenter ID, you need to press “play without Supercell ID

    ​Once you have selected “Play without Supercell ID” a brand new village will load, like the very beginning of the game- Don’t Panic. That’s right. It’s OK, now to get you village # 2 to load close the Clash of Clans app completely, and go into settings app on your apple device and log into the gamecenter account associated with the next village you want to load. Restart the Clash of Clans app, and you’ll get the familiar gamecenter “load village “chief” th9” that you’re used to and you type CONFIRM in the box like you used to- Now you have your next village loaded.
    So now start the same process again that you just completed.

    Press the gear icon, go to where it says Supercell ID disconnected at the top middle again and start the process of creating your next new Supercell ID exactly as before. Remember? See the steps below again.

    ​Now your second account is setup with its own Supercell ID
    And both logins are already saved on your device. Repeat this process for each of your accounts, Each time using a different Email address for each new SuperCell ID.
    One of the key things to remember is the part how you get the next village to load- You go to the gear icon for settings, click the green “connected” button and pick to log out, then “play without SuperCell ID”. Exit the App and sign into the next gamecenter account for the next village you’re ready to set up. Let the next village load, Type CONFIRM, and you’re off and running.
    Now the good part- When you are all done setting up your multiple accounts, you go back to this screen and pick Log In with Supercell ID

    ​you get a nice list that looks like this, and all you need to do to load the village you want is tap the name you want to load it, no password to type in or anything. Very important to note- If you accidentally click "forget" on this screen, there's no confirmation for "forget". So in order to bring the account back that you "forget" you will just need to go through the steps to verify again, by getting the code through email. Maybe in the future they will add "do you really want to forget?" but until then be careful tapping.

    ​Now the last step: How do I get all these great new SuperCell ID’s on my next device?
    Easy, go to that device open the COC app, go to settings, tap the “disconnected” under Supercell ID get to the screen here and pick Log in with Supercell ID

    ​The only difference is on the new device your login’s won’t be saved there yet. Pick Log In With ID and enter the email for your first village... you’ll have to verify the new device 1 time for each village- That means you will get a new verification code emailed to you for each new village you set up on the new device. Don’t re-use the first verification code, you will get a fresh one for this device! Then make sure you check the box that says remember me on this device, so that the new device creates that same saved login list you made on the first device.

    ​That’s it folks- it’s a great system. It works flawlessly if you go through slow and dont rush to set it up.
    Some things to be careful of:
    Make sure you have the right village loaded on your device when you create the new SuperCell ID. If you put village 1’s email address on village 3’s base. You’ll be stuck with it until support fixes it for you- Avoid making that mistake. I saw a lot of posts as I was reading through the thread where people entered the email they wanted on the wrong base.
    I hope this helps anyone who’s confused, or trying to decide whether or not they want to switch to Supercell ID.

    If you decide you don't like supercell ID, you can go back to googleplay or gamecenter, but you will need to submit a request through the ingame help&support tab, and it will be a one time thing, and they may not do it in the future.

    Please don't quote this entire post in a reply- it makes for very long pages....

    Clash On
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    [ONE AND ONLY] Supercell ID thread

    I've seen several post about Supercell ID.

    It is no longer only for Finland. I'm in the Philippines and I have the option.

    After I sign up for it, how does it work after that?

    Do I have to get a code from Email each time I want to log into another account? That may not be any where close to true. I don't know. I've seen post that made me wonder. English was not their first language though and I found the post hard to follow.

    I can understand having to go to email once to get the code/password for it. But I don't want to keep going back to email. Surely that's not required. I don't want to test it to find out and then be stuck with it.

    Update: the moderators made this one and only, I didn't do it. Though the FAQ answers many question it just isn't enough. Someone needs and will make a video on how it works. How one switches between multiple accounts. And what happens regarding the same accounts on different devices.

    I am about to go to war, I can't take any chances.

    Note from Moderator - Wotanwaton's FAQ copied in below so everybody reading this thread can see it:

    If you use some Supercell IDs and some Non-Supercell IDs in same device, it'll be a nightmare (you'll have to enter new confirmation code for each account everytime after using a non-SC ID while switching back to SC ID). So, either use Supercell ID for all your accounts or don't use Supercell ID for any account.

    Hey Guys��
    The Supercell ID is a new way to save your progress. Supercell ID works the same way on Android as on IOS and replaces "Link a Device", you can switch as often as you between Android and IOS. Supercell ID SUPPORTS MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS ON ONE SUPPORTED DEVICE.

    Note: If you use Supercell ID you can't turn back to GooglePlay or Gamecenter ID⚠️

    Here i have some usefull things for you.��

    1. How to create a Supercell ID?
    -you need one email account for one Supercell ID
    -press Supercell ID in game settings
    -press register
    -tipe your email account twice
    -use the code you get with an email
    -now you have supercell id (your email account)
    Be sure that you make ✔️ for saving logindata on this device.

    2. How do i logout/switch account and how to create a new Supercell ID on the same device?
    logout from supercell id:
    -one click ingame settings
    -one click Supercell ID
    -one click logout
    -one click to confirm logout
    --one click login "without Supercell ID" and you start a fresh th 1.♥
    --one click on "login with Supercell ID" you can chose between saved Supercell ID or to login with another Supercell ID

    You can choose to play this th 1 or to login with GooglePlay to load another village which isnt saved with Supercell ID. Both you can save with a new Supercell ID.♥

    Here are the FAQ from Supercell ID��

    via Imgflip Meme Generator
    via Imgflip Meme Generator
    via Imgflip Meme Generator
    via Imgflip Meme Generator

    Further Edit. It seems it may be possible to revert presently with the help of support:

    Quote Originally Posted by sakiborislam View Post
    Finally, I've removed my Supercell ID and got back Google Play service Thanks to in-game support
    Quote Originally Posted by sakiborislam View Post
    yes, they said it's one time support only (to get back google play account)... i think it's only because supercell id is in beta (still now, confirmed by in-game support agent) and that's why they're helping if u don't wanna be a part of this new feature now...
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    I just got it in UK.
    I'm kinda in the same boat, but Darian did say that once it goes global which it seems it has, he will make a post on how to use it.
    I'm going to wait for that as being an android user I've still got the sign in/out using Google play option (which takes 2 minutes)
    Also Ajax (moderator) did do a post on how to use supercell ID and it looked pretty simple, I'll try and find it and edit it into this post

    Found his post but it doesn't tell you the initial set up
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    Link a device

    I m playing coc on ios 7.1.2, n i want to transfer my account to another device. But the link a device button is not there. Instead, there's a supercell id button, which takes time to load and finally shows a blank page. Anyone got any ideas? I've worked hard on this account of mine for years and want to transfer it on a new device and continue it.

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    Look to the left --->
    You need to save your account on ios with the Supercell ID, then you log in with your other device with the SC id

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    Link device Option gone

    As link Device option has removed. When will supercell id options will be available in INDIA

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    Lightbulb Supercell ID is now officially released!!!!!

    There is no "linked device" option and something new called "Supercell ID" has been appeared.
    So what it is?

    Can we add multiple account in this single ID?
    Can we play multiple ID in a single device without worrying?
    Can Supercell ban both ID if 1 ID performs something bad?
    Do we must use Supercell ID?
    Can we forget our Gmail or iOS account after adding "Supercell ID"?

    So many questions.....

    ""The total steps to switch, once you have all acounts set up and remembered on the device are:
    Click on Gear icon
    Click on Supercell ID button
    Click on Logout
    Click Confirm (no need to type the word)
    Click on Log in with Supercell Id
    Click on the account you want to switch to in the list of remembered accounts.

    There is no typing at all. I just timed it, and it took 12 seconds from clicking on the gear icon to new account fully loaded.""

    This comment originally given by Ajax (Supercell Moderator) 630

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    Thank you...

    Quote Originally Posted by Enderwizzard View Post
    You need to save your account on ios with the Supercell ID, then you log in with your other device with the SC id
    i've tried it but the screen appears to be blank, i waited but after loading it it's blank. Can i transfer it through my facebook account?

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    Next time, just first search the forums. All of these questions have been asked and and answered already.

    multiple accounts in one ID - NO, you need one email address per supercell ID (per village)
    multiple ID on one device - YES (wouldn't say without worrying, you never know)
    can SuperCell ban both ID - you can only play with EITHER Game center or Google play OR the SuperCell ID (NOT BOTH)
    SuperCell ID is not mandatory
    You should never forget your Gmail account, SuperCell or not ... but if you use the SuperCell ID, you won't need Google play
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    .... it seems they have released the 'Supercell ID' without providing us with formal/official/complete information .... hmmmm, not the best of ideas in my opinion, let's hope they add something soon

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