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Thread: Looking for serious Derby players..

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    Looking for serious Derby players..

    We're a group looking for a new home English speaking. We want to join an active group that chats and supports each other and completes all derby tasks. We normally do 9 -10 tasks 305+ or 363+ on special Derby's. We're sad to be moving on from our old farm but it's time. We're not farm jumpers. We've been a member of this farm for over 2 years now. Anyway if you have room for us and are willing to take us on as a group let me know. We are currently level 114, 96, 90 and 75.
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    Hi, you need to help possible NHs by indicating your levels and countries.
    Fat Finger Farm - Leader - Creative Fat Farm - #U0CRCQV
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatfinger View Post
    Hi, you need to help possible NHs by indicating your levels and countries.
    Thanks! I've updated it!

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    Please come and check us out you guys sound like u will be a great fit😊
    Newly formed hood, not new players. We branched off to form our own hood 😊🤠
    🌾 "Gone with the Wheat" 🌾
    Tag # POUC2P82
    is welcoming new, serious, English speaking, derby 🐎 players.
    Looking for -Team players only. Helpful, courteous and friendly.
    👿No rudeness or attitudes 👿 👉🏻leave them at the barn door 🚪 🚪 No exceptions.
    We do 320s and a tenth task. 400 in the higher point derbies.
    Adults only please and English speaking only.
    We have no limits on the request box...just ask that you try to give as often as you receive..
    We ask that you give a heads up when selling upgrade items before posting in paper.
    trades 🤝within the hood are always welcome and encouraged to help each other upgrade 😊
    Opting out is fine when needed.
    Tired of other players riding on your coattails?🤔
    We use the kik app for communicating 👍🏻
    Come see us to derby. USA 🇺🇸 based group.
    Any questions feel free to msg me on kik -Harley_in_Indiana

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    If you’re still looking for a new hood, why not give us a try

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    Hi, we are looking to expand our hood, and looking for good derby players, we started our own hood a couple of months ago (couldn’t take the bickering in our old hood) we are in the champions league and going up the rankings every week, please all come and join us, the min points we ask for is 9+ 310 min, on normal derby, I know that’s slightly higher than you do now, but not much. We are in it to try and win it, please join us at the beginning of this hood and make us simply the best. Our hood is called COMPLY OR DIE (famous race horse) tag no #98PRCJQ8, green horse on purple background. Thanks Dolly.

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    hello sumtensphi,

    you should try our hood.

    we are an English speaking hood with players from all over the world. we leaders Anette (DK), Abas (AU) and I (DE) playing together for more than 2 years. our hood is help and successfull. we got 82 gold and it seems this derby we will get gold again.

    we communicate via kik as we found it helpful to have a extra chat for derby notifications when the hayday chat running fast.

    we do all ten task 315 and higher .. special derbies 380 and higher. if we see not enough tasks coming up we will lower. We stick together as a team.

    do you have any questions you can contact me here or via kik: dreamcollies
    hood name: Always a christmas spirit. oh no woerries we are not religious .. we only love the spirit around christmas ... peace, helping and familiar. thats why we choosed that name.

    hope to see you.

    tag: #28LLUJ2J

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    Super derby oriented hood! We're sometimes quite chatty but mostly very laid back while everyone does their own thing. Someone is always around if help is needed but we do try to stay free of a bunch of beggars. Many will use nh donations just for crop swaps to earn the achievements and others use it for what they need. Your choice. ��
    Looking for friendly, helpful, & self sufficient players who love winning gold. Derby is a must...occasionally opting out is ok. We all complete ten tasks every week, whether they're needed or not, and make sure we play tasks above our minimum points for the week. The one thing that sets us apart is we race as a team, instead of against each other, so we only do two tasks a day. Having this two task rule has been a great concept and works extremely well for us. No one gets too far ahead or left behind and ensures everyone gets a fair chance at tasks.

    Check us out if you'd like to join an awesome hood! We thrive on winning and moving back up to the best of the best. ���� English speaking

    109 gold 26 silver 5 bronze
    Neighborhood name: Kitties
    Tag: Y9CGQR

    Kik: DrizzleJnizzle

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    Hi there! I'm Jannie, leader at KEEPING IT REAL #8YLJCQCY, red horse on yellow.

    Our NH is an international English speaking hood. We are friendly and helpful and ask the same in return. Our guidelines are simple and posted in our hood envelope, this way they don't change and everyone knows what's expected. We have a solid derby record and dedicated players who play to relax, enjoy, chat a bit and hopefully win! Come on by and check us out!

    Derby Goals in order of importance
    * Maintain Championship Level (must)
    * Collect 9 horseshoes (must)
    * Place in Top 3 (if we can, we will)

    Our 12 Simple Rules
    1. Level 50
    2. Adult hood 18+
    3. MUST Speak/Communicate in English
    4. Active Daily (maintaining farm, town and helping others)
    5. Be a Helpful, Friendly, Self-sufficient player
    6. Chatting builds strong NH ties for some. Others prefer to work quietly on their farm. Both are okay. However, a quick, "Hello, how are you" only takes a moment. No off game chat sites are or will be used.
    7. We use "Please" and "Thank you" you can too, we will gently remind you, if needed.
    8. We use our request box for corps as it assists players with the generous neighbor achievement: all other items can be requested through chat.
    9. 310+ 9/9 Regular Derby (320 & 10 super star) 320+ 9/9 Special Derby (400 & 10 super star) 10 is helpful, but not required.
    10. PLEASE opt out if you can't play in derby, we don't like to boot players.
    11. We all make mistakes. If you run out of time or take a low point task, own it by posting on chat and take a 10th task. (This is the only time you will be asked to use diamonds) We give 2nd chances for mistakes if they're not habitual.
    12. Get to know your new neighbors before asking for Expansion and Premium items. Just because we don't like to boot, doesn't mean we won't.

    We need Elders to help keep the tasks deleted and fresh.

    It's important to help mentor lower level neighbors. By sharing tips and teaching each other how to be successful, we all win. Unfortunately, players who aren't active and leveling up or expanding their farms and towns will be asked to leave. Higher level neighbors are an asset, please don't take advantage of their generosity by using them as your extended barn.

    Looking forward to including you in our NH!

    Jannie - Leader USA 🇺🇸

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    Derby And town players needed ! we got 81 gold!!!

    Spots are open for active, chatty derby lovers. !!!������ Come join us !
    Town and derby players wanted !!
    First a bit about us:
    We are a hood of 18 people from all over the world. So theres almost always someone around.
    We are very derby oriented and most of us do derby each week. We simply just love it.Offcourse its okey to opt. out.
    We are all independent, but very chatty and helpful.
    We are in the champions league and we got a lot of gold (around 81 gold)
    We are all adults all above the age of 30, we all have family kids and full time jobs.
    We got 3 Leaders. Me from Denmark, Greeny who is from Berlin And Abas who is from Australian
    You will be promoted to Elder when you join.
    We got very simple rules :
    We use kik for communications outside the if you don’t have kik messenger, GET IT
    We do all tasks, yes all 10 of them and all above 315 points. During themed derbys we usually go higher..
    We use the birdhouse only for wheat corn and stuff.
    We are all adults and offcourse so are you ..
    Your level is at least 80+
    You play town a lot and release townies often We would love hoodies that loves town, that not only plays town if you have a town task. We try to have a constant flow of townies in our hood. And in the furture these are the hoodies we will search for.
    Run an rss advert when you open crates. We fill a lot of crates, but the public pantry is much bigger than ours, so why rely only on us?
    You speak English and you understand English.
    And the most important rule of all: have fun!!

    We ask that you introduce yourself when you join. What's your name and where are you located?
    You don't have to be a Chatty Cathy, but don't be a stranger. Say 'HI', 'TY', 'YW' at the minimum. These only take a few seconds/minutes to type, but they show respect to your neighbours and that’s appreciated. Don't be a silent player, you don't have to chat all the time, but we don't want to only hear from you when you want something. We work as a team and have found silent players are not team players.

    Come try us out , the hood name is Always a Christmas spirit #28LLUJ2J

    My kik is :anette1307/Anette Jensen

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