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Thread: To upgrade or not to upgrade

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    Quote Originally Posted by gigablaster2017 View Post
    While you're complaining about that 12 days b.s and taking several days to process all info in your brain you could've upgraded it just fine.
    Well I wasn't complaining in the slightest actually. Just kinda making a comment, bro. Chillax.

    My clan is a competitive war clan, not CWL but another league. I'll just ask I'm discord what their opinion is but I wanted a general forum opinion as well.
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    I can say farming for DE is easier at TH10 with the TH10 troops, so your heroes can catch up faster. But of course, you will also then have other needs for the DE.

    So this will have to be a choice for you to consider.

    But I'll leave you with this .... it's very possible you have finished all research and upgrades in TH9 and you will spend months more doing walls and heroes only. See how you feel about that prospect in TH9. If it doesn't sound good, you can move on and upgrade.
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    IMO buddy you should go for TH10 because when you are almost maxed at TH9 its no fun.

    Hope it Helps

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