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    *** READ BEFORE POSTING: Looking For A Task Force Subforum Rules ***


    In addition to the Main Forum Rules, the following rules also apply:

    If you are creating a thread in this subforum you agree to the following.

    You will create one thread only for the period you are searching for a new Task Force. If necessary you can bump this thread once every 24hrs.

    Once you have found a new Task Force you will post within your thread indicating that no further replies are required and you will then report the thread for a moderator to close.

    No thread will remain open for longer than 7 days to prevent replies being spammed to old threads. That means that ALL 'LOOKING FOR A TF' Threads will be closed after 7 days irrespective of whether you have found a TF.

    If you are replying to threads in this subforum you agree to the following:

    You will reply once, and only once, to any 'Looking For a TF' thread with your TFs details.

    You will NOT reply to threads where the OP has stipulated a TF size different to yours. Eg. If you are a 10 man TF you will NOT reply to threads where the prefix is 'Looking For a 5 Man TF' or 'Looking for a 25 Man TF' etc.


    Q. I need to update my looking for a task force thread. Can I start a new thread?
    A. If, and only if, the 7 days has elapsed and your old thread has been closed.
    If not then you can update your Opening Post with any new information by using the 'edit function.' You can also edit any post you write.

    Q. But I can't change my thread title/delete my old thread. Can I start a new thread?
    A. No, you cannot.
    You need to think carefully about the title you chose. Choose the correct prefix for the size of TF you are looking for and only include relevant information in your post. Only a moderator can update thread titles so I can do it as a 'one-off'.

    Q. Can I post a 'Recruiting Members' thread in this subforum?
    A. No, You cannot.
    This subforum is for players advertising themselves as available. They are soliciting responses to their thread from TFs who have spots available. To advertise your TF, create a thread in 'Task Force Recruitment' and please read the sticky threads before you do so.

    Thanks for reading and good luck with your search.
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