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Thread: Damage and health labels misleading, missing, AND incorrect. (image+link in thread)

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    Unhappy Damage and health labels misleading, missing, AND incorrect. (image+link in thread)

    Here is the Boom Beach share link to his actual base if you are on mobile.

    As for the screenshots:

    Don't forget the hidden HP boost. I wouldn't have cared about the hidden ice, but the HP information was absolutely misleading.

    The related thread where I originally posted this is at

    Holy cow. I attacked this guy assuming he had a 12 percent building health boost from Frostbanner Tribe.

    That 35% ice statue hp was not calculated at all.

    On my base I maxed Frostbanner Tribe so I got +20% building health. That's 4% for each boost. So he had boosted 3 times.

    Look at the Boom Cannon (or any other defense if you visit his base). Max Boom Cannon's health is 14,630. That extra 1,755 health comes from the Frostbanner boost. But the 35% unaccounted health boost was unrelenting if you do not carefully scan for ice statues and be prepared for it. It should show 6,787 additional HP.

    The same issue also applies to the defensive building damage. So be prepared until they fix this.

    Btw, where are all the other threads talking about this issue? I felt so violated.
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    Going by the screen shots, in particular the Level 16 Boom Cannon ....

    Base dps = 1,210 (correct for Lvl 16)
    Bonus dps = +90
    Total damage per second then is 1,210 + 90 = 1,300 per second

    Boom cannon firing rate = 1 shot every 4 seconds
    Damage per shot then = 4 x 1,300 = 5,200 damage each and every shot

    So yes, that Boom Cannon can one-shot kill some tanks. Are you saying it has more than 5,200 damage per shot?

    Even for the base you provided the link to, I did not see anything odd there either. I suspect that you may be looking at the damage per second stat without accounting for rate of fire.
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    The damage amplifier should be boosting the damage by 75% due to it being a DA2. The damage boost shown in the screenshots is about 7.5%. They're missing a decimal place in the display value.
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