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Thread: Fully Maxed th8 looking for a war clan where I can do some good.

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    Hi, we're a very new clan only a couple of weeks old. We have 6 or 7 members, highest member of TH8 and lowest of TH2. We are in wars one after another but you can opt out at any time. We will donate you troops and we always take part in clan games so a great chance to pick up some rewards. Clan tag is #V8VG9LQR check us out

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    Quote Originally Posted by MichaelJMo View Post
    I have no intention of upgrading to TH9 any time soon. There's no th8 I can't wreck so I'm just looking for a clan to do some damage with.

    Looking for war clans only.
    When I was th7 years ago I applied to the biggest baddest clans.. rejected from them all.. too picky too elite... Aged Greatness took me on; with its various clans and feeder system it was great... truly... a mature group of grown ups mostly with all good war logs...

    I've stuck with them over the last few years - even after making my own clans I still work with them...

    Look up Aged Greatness2 - I'm recruiting ten new people for them so I can remove some of our spare 'extra' nightmare accounts...

    If your ok with using Discord for communicating once every other day or so then you can join AG2. We can make room.

    When you get to th9 (I know your not in a hurry)and heroes are down you cant do real wars in ag2 - but we also have a Farm clan / FWA where you can move into.. both clans get the games done every time so far with time to spare.. so its easy to move from one of our clans to the others... FWA clans require th9 weight... so thats something u can consider for the future

    AG2 has 98-100% every war performance wise - our members span 4 years and multiple clans; some of those clans are now inactive due to a lack of leadership so if you seek promotion abilities we have spare level 10+ clans sitting idle... lol

    -be sure to say FORUM recruit when you join or get into our discord server first so we dont reject you... We're in a war and dont want to be spied...

    Website- Clan Recruitment - War Weight - Suggested Upgrade Paths
    NightmareGuild2 #YRY2YRQ2 - FWA wars
    Aged Greatness2 #8VJ9UJC8 -Regular War

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    I am from Newbie Factory. We are a Level 12 War Clan. We are currently recruiting TH6-TH8 members.

    We are recruiting:
    Non-rushed bases
    Responsible members who will attack TWICE in war.
    Members who can follow rules
    People who want to be in Wars
    People who will help out their fellow clan members (especially on donations)

    Twice a week
    Started on Sunday and Wednesday nights USA time zone.

    If you are interested in joining:
    Search for our Clan: Newbie Factory (#2Y9G2ULC)

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    Spicewood Nexus|Lvl6 Clan|Recruiting TH6-10

    Link to our recruiting thread;

    What does Spicewood Nexus offer you?

    At least two wars per week; prep days beginning 7:30 pm CST (-6 GMT)
    Dedicated leadership that recognizes loyalty and performance
    Competitive, engaged clan members
    We maintain a family friendly environment
    Internal Friendly Battle Tournaments, Friendly Wars
    No donation requirements
    Solid clan with Clan / Life balance

    Come check us out,


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    We need someone like you who can help clean up TH 7s and low TH 8s. Hit us up
    Misfits 2.0 Clan tag: JUJQGRG8

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    Hey Michael,

    Not sure if you've managed to find a clan yet, but if not - we'd love to have you over here at Smoking Blood. We're an active Warring clan who consistently war Back to Back. Our record as of today is 307 Wins / 152 Losses / 2 Draws. If you'd like a little more information on us, our forum thread is here (, or just request an invite in game and we'd be glad to fill you in [#282LPYYR]!

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    We are a UK based, lvl10 clan

    War record 176/70/5, recently 90/20

    Friendly, war once or twice a week, achieve 30k+ in clan games

    Active in war and clan games, chilled rest of the time

    Name: black fire
    Tag: #29LLY8PV

    Put chilli in request

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    #2V929RUO - we're Best of British - a friendly, active, adult clan
    - We war back to back
    - Compete strongly in clan games
    - Good donations
    - All THs welcome
    - Advice gladly given to those who need it/ask for it
    - Lots of experienced players to aid new players

    Come and take a look, join the family
    Quote COCforum in your request and hopefully we'll see you soon!

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