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Thread: Petetion for upcoming marathon games.

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    Nov 2017
    50k clan games ===== 3k individual cap
    75k clan games ===== 3k what? where's the math?
    it should be (keeping the proportion) 4.5k
    individual cap

    5k would also be nice
    but 3k even for larger clans, isn't that easy.
    smaller clans? almost impossible

    so i'm in the petition

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    Here's an idea. and may have been said before but I didn't see.

    What if when the clan games started, the co-leaders had to start it, kind of like a war with people opted in or out.

    Whoever was in the games, say 10 people, then they have to divide up the points to get the max tier.
    Would allow smaller clans to still achieve the award, although with more work.
    Would allow members to opt out.
    And would give those of us who want to do more, to be able to.

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