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Thread: Active derby players join SAMS #2CCLLUPG Champions League

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    ❣️Active derby lovin players join SAMS #2CCLLUPG Champions League🏆

    We are looking for new members level 70+ to join our fun derby playing neighborhood. We are all English speaking from all over the world. Been doing this over 3 years and have some vacancies. We consistently place in top 3. We are chatty but not a requirement. We do communicate on kik also and ask all members to join for bingo derby instruction but not manditory.
    Must commit to complete all 10 tasks 320 or opt out. We always help each other and are a really nice bunch. Right now we are all female. We also help each other upgrade. Our group name is SAMS look for a red truck with a blue background. Must be active and able to participate in derby. Would consider having a small neighborhood up to 6 players join us.
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    Can I join you ?😁

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    Bump bump and bump

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    Bump bump and bump

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    Bump and bump bump

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    We are done with this weekís derby. Locked in 1st place!!! If you want to join a group that wants to win 1st place each week join us here. Itís a fun race. Letís win !!!

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    On lvl 33 need some help on growing..let me know if I can join.(non-derby is ok)

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