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Thread: Good looting composition?

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    Good looting composition?

    Hello - I am brand new to th9 was max th8 except walls. Right now spending all dark on queen she is currently 6 and king 10.
    Giants 6
    Wiz 6
    Healer 4
    Rest max th8 few exceptions
    All troops unlocked
    Haste will be unlocked in a day
    Rest spells unlocked
    Need a ton of loot fast
    2100 trophies
    Also help me with how to pull it off
    Thank you!

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    I mainly barch or use a queen walk or goblin knife to get loot. All 3 are cheap armies and uses no de.

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    Crystal is definitely a good league to be in and I'd agree with above poster that barch (gibarch) or goblin knife are the best strategies to get all 3 types of loot.

    Personally though, I think your queen is still too low to effectively queen walk.

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    crystal 3, barch

    Lvl 145 Th
    10. 1530m gg 183/275 lvl 11 walls

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