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Thread: Progress towards maxing out with radar 7

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    Progress towards maxing out with radar 7

    I didn't want to necro WW's post so I thought I'd share some progress of my own as I try to get myself into position for an epic VP climb using stored cloud VPs.

    It's been surprisingly smooth sailing. I originally wanted to keep radar at 6, but got so tempted by Kavan that I caved in and upgraded radar to 7. I'm up to Lvl 60 now. Remaining items in armory to be maxed are grens, scorchers, mines, and medkit. (Medkit I've raised a bunch but now maxed yet. Others are still lvl 1 or close.) I have not bought gems but I do carry both subscriptions. Frankly I would have quit by now without them.

    Upgrades have not been a problem despite the smaller number of PVP bases to raid due to the lower rate of spawns with the low level radar. I've carried a RR mp since I got one, also a guard until I got a perfect MP. Now I just boost the mp on volcano terror days if I want to do something major. I've maxed gunboat, sculptor, lab, armory, vault, and a few LCs. (I could do the rest but I hate LC upgrades. I'm not fussed by a few missing rifles or zookas.)

    From day 1 I attacked everything on my map regardless of whether I needed resources. At first I was just clearing once per day. As I got to about 770 vp I stalled because raids were balancing spawns. So I found a bit of time to sneak in a second map clear every day and am now up to 830 vp and climbing (slowly!) I'm carrying 8 offence (plus RR PSC mp) so I don't need to boost to clear things down here in the 800's. I've been quite wasteful with PP for OP attacks which I tend to do after I've cleared my map unboosted, but ah well. I still have around 800 PP and climbing, good enough for a short term offensive push - and I'm having way too much fun in OPs to stop boosting for them. The proto part bank is also well stocked. I've carried a HP2 for a while just to try to give folks a tiny challenge, plus it pays for itself in the hammerman event.

    I still haven't built quarry or iron mine, and sawmill is level 2 or something. I wish I hadn't built all of the residences but they have admittedly come in handy from time to time providing that last bit of gold required for a big armory upgrade. Defences are coming along nicely though. SL10 is probably the hardest upgrade in the game, I haven't tried to do one of those yet, but I have proven I can max other defensive buildings so I'm not too worried about being able to get to full max.

    My initial goal was to kick off the cloud push as soon as I got HQ20 and upgraded my LCs. Or maybe 21. But that was a miserable failure, I hadn't managed to get my VP nearly high enough.

    I can't stress enough that it has been helpful to pair up with my main (first in our own 2-man tf, then with others as time went on) to reap OP rewards higher than a lower level player should expect to get.

    The goal is still to somehow get to 1000 vp before unleashing the power of the clouds and joining my main on the Canada LBs. (That will require a bit of planning too since I will have to do some work to start raising main's VP from 1050 well before the alt's VP explosion.) I don't have lofty 2000 vp goals like WW, but it's been a fun experiment.

    The gold involved with opening all those clouds will likely have to come from a mega event. I'm a little worried that the next one will be too soon, but I'm still a few months away from maxing so I may have to wait for the next one.

    Finally - Gaz is insane. I have absolutely no idea how he pumped his VP up so high before he started opening clouds from level 53 (or whatever it was). But man it was fun to watch.
    Main is essentially retired, just bleeding PP to help the TF until it runs out.

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    It’s a fun journey, Argh! We’ll all be cheering you on to victory as you show us all how a cloud push is done. My guess it’s going to be around Halloween.
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