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Thread: [IFR Sticky related] An explanation of Ideas and Feature Requests by Darian

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    [IFR Sticky related] An explanation of Ideas and Feature Requests by Darian

    Due to the information given by Darian, I'd find it important to merge this with SuperSteve's sticky.
    Please edit out this portion.

    After some misunderstanding and discussion about this part of the
    forum, the explanation given by Darian should be stickied here to explain SuperSteve's quote.
    If the video can be shortened to that section too, it would help.
    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSteve View Post
    Given the nature of the game, we cannot always say what is coming in the next version or what is being worked on. While we like to discuss your ideas, please don't expect that we can respond to every thread or consider every idea! The best ideas will be discussed frequently by the Community and will surface to the top in that manner. Do not bump or spam your thread or ideas just because no one is responding!

    That's about it Looking forward to hearing about the ideas and suggestions you guys come up with!
    Watch this video, the subject is discussed between 1h09m12 and 1h12m25 time stamps:
    Quote Originally Posted by Hemant View Post
    Extract from Hemant’s thread on the Spring Trap Show with Darian 03-Feb-2018

    Transcript (shortened)
    Question: What's the most effective way to provide ideas by the community for SC?
    Darian: Controversial one ... our suggestion forums
    (aka IFR).
    There is a very specific reason why we do not reply there:
    ... part of, there are so many suggestions there ...
    ... very rarely is the suggestion actually unique ...
    ... that doesn't mean we don't look at it ...
    actually, we all pour thru the suggestion forums regularly
    there is a lot of features in the game that are based on players suggestions...
    ... but
    to be able to go thru the IFR forums another staff would be needed ...
    and issues would arise from answers, whether positive or negative to suggestions.
    That's the place to do it - Yep!

    ... we'd like to see the thought process ... not only demands/requests (aka details) ...

    Darian repeated this statement a few weeks later:
    Quote Originally Posted by Darian[Supercell] View Post
    I apologize if you aren't aware, but we do not make official statements on the Ideas and New Requests forums. We do read them on a regular basis and many of the suggestions are what make up much of the new content we release.

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    +1 sticky this. Not that anyone who posts here actually reads the sticky threads, but it should still be included.

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