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Thread: Love Of My Barbaric Life(LOMB)Part 1

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    It was just a normal everyday battle,Chief deployed me on the battlefield destroying everything in my path. Goblins taking the juicy Elixir and Budder Gold(for all you SkyDoesMinecraft fans),Giants tearing down the cannons and archer towers.And archers,the most beautiful,amazing human-beings I have ever seen shooting over walls.Until one day I saw a new troop her name was called Charlotte a beautiful,new level 6 archer troop.One of our Chief's friends in our clan donated us her.Right after Chief went offline I sneaked into the clan castle to meet her.(Part 2 Coming soon stay tuned for more)
    BIG Shoutout to Flammy5,PlayClashofClans,Simontay78,EricTheCuz aka rickykiller17,MrLeSway,Goldenrevu and ClashofClans101
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