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    Quote Originally Posted by Lakshya123 View Post
    It's may be not offensive as you can make them in form of cross or ismalic can in form of that crescent moon.. So don't ban those who had not done any offensive work
    I was only telling the OP HOW to report what they believe to be an offensive farm. I made no judgement of the farm as I have not seen it.
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    Yes, momscar is correct....if it's something that is offensive, please report your suspicions in game and send screen shots. Support will make a decision on it. Please don't name any farm or person on the forums as it is against the Forum rules to do so. Welcome to the forums! This can be a touchy subject that can cause strong feelings in people so I'm going to close it before it goes really wrong. But you can always pm myself or another moderator if you have any questions!

    Happy farming!
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