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Thread: Lvl 15 Farming clan (FWA) need TH10 and TH11

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    Lightbulb Lvl 15 Farming clan (FWA) need TH10 and TH11

    Hello Thanks for reading,

    We are an English/ Dutch Clan Looking for COC-gamers who are passionately devoted to do their best. When war ends we look forward to the next war. And is willing to participate on FWA Clanwars. (See rules )
    Farm War Alliance (FWA) is a group of 540+ clans that sync the start of their wars at the same time to try and match each other in war. which means the clan with the most losses out of the last seven 40v40 wars will be declared the winner. It will be necessary to examine both war logs and view the past seven wars
    The clan leader gives the end decission and will inform us what we got WIN or LOSE.
    Basic all the time : Each player uses their first attack on their mirror for either 2 or 3 stars.

    We are doing as many 40 vs 40 man wars , but now we want to participate on 50 vs 50 wars.
    for that we need 50 people, Do you want to be one of us

    Clan Name : Team Warriors
    Clan Tag : #QURVC8RQ
    Clan Location : Lesotho
    Clan Level : 15
    Current members : 42/50
    Open Spots to fill : 8
    Languages : English and Dutch
    Next warStart : 9 Februari 2018

    Because to keep the clan in balance , we need the following War-weights
    we Are looking for :
    4x TH10
    3x TH11

    Lvl 15 Farming clan (FWA) need Th10 and TH11
    Clan : Team warriors (clan tag #QURVC8RQ) is a level 15 farming clan. We are official FWA and currently have room for new members

    * What can we offer?
    (1) We have achieved max rewards in all clan games.
    (2) Farm war loot is easy loot. We participate in back-to-back wars and consistently match.
    (3) We do 50v50 wars.... You would be included in wars. if we cannot make 50 vs 50 , we do 40 vs 40
    (4) We communicate in Band - Do a search for Team warriors
    (5) We have no rules about donation; our members usually fill requests quickly (even big troops)
    (6) Adult clan

    Our clan is currently set to Invite only. If you request to join, I will walk you through the process myself (144us/Anja is my In Game Name). I'll need you to make an FWA base for wars, but that only takes a few minutes.

    Thanks for your interest!
    Team Warriors
    Fabian/ Anja
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    Hello 144us .. This was a good recruitment post .I myself liked it .. I would like to join this clan .. But clans expiations are can't join.. Good luck and have good upcoming days. ..wish you find perfect members.

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    Don't worry about exspectations,
    the exspectations for elder are :
    Donateratio : 2 receive on 1 donate
    Read mail ingame : for win or lose and follow up ! and perform 2 attacks in war !
    and get shield on new season, the trophees are not important

    we are just a farm clan , which means play when you like it and participate on wars !

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    Hey...i am experienced in fwa rules.

    TH11 here with heavy weight. I will join when clan games end. Hope to see u soon!!
    BK 40 AQ 40 GW 20 1.61 BIL 1.7 BIL 14.8 MIL

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    I am a fwa player and th9 ...can i join plz..

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    Hi Fabian / Anja ,

    I'm a TH11 with heroes almost maxed (Q lvl 50; K lvl 49; W lvl 20), active in the game, but not talkative. I'm upgrading to TH12 very soon. I'm experienced in FWA and I have been in my current clan (#PQ29GVCL - also FWA) since Apr 2017. In addition, I usually score more than 1K in clan games.

    If my profile were interesting to your clan, please let me know as soon as you have a free spot.

    Name: AnnonymusGeorge
    Id: #8U82R8LG


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