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    i have the same problem and unfortunately i couldn't find the answer so u have only to message with supercell support

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    I can not log into my SuperCell ID account. I'm writing a system "Too many attempts, please try again later." Help solve the problem. When will be opened?

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    I also have the exact same problem. Supercell please fix this.

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    I can't log in to my village More then 12 Hours its say Too many Attempts please try again letter " please help me " what i do !

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    I also have the same logging problem it is saying too many attempts please help me i have worked very hard to take my id to town hall 9 please help

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    I also have problem. I have a nearly maxed th9 . Whenever I login it says too many attempts. Is there any fix . Please help me

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    I cannont visit on my base. Please help me help me supercell

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    cant login to my id

    Dear sir,
    i waa created with supercell and now i cant able to connect withvmy village by the i recieve verfication code multiple time and i wasnt able to connect with my village since 14 hours it said "too many attempting please try again later"

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    I also can Login Because of this system My Max Th9 has got stucked Please Supercell Response to us

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    Quote Originally Posted by mihirshil8976 View Post
    . Is your account opend now? I am having same problem. Please help me if u have any solutoin?
    Im also getting this type of report"too many attemps" how can I fix this??? Please help supercell

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