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Thread: All Max TH11 Clan 50v50 wars?

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    Pity that nobody has found a clan that does this; my nightmareguild mini clan was a lot of fun doing 50x wars all the time... everyone would log in right at the start and within a couple hours we'd have 100%... I miss that...

    now with the mm refusing to match most of our players anymore I would be interested in seeing what kind of wars you'd get as a 50x all th11 clan...

    The benefit of that -- if your clan is all 100% max then you'll never be mis matched.. you would always have the advantage ; or at least be on even footing... then and only then would your bases and skill actually define the winner of the war...

    I'd be very interested in putting my two semi max 11's into a clan like that... Will be following this thread...

    --I can vouch for supreme cleave being on that list; they are one of my bookmarks but they dont do 50x wars... not the last time i checked at least.

    orange league does do 50x, but they are using ten th9's 20 th10's and about 20 th11's -- not all th11... an all th11 war clan would be much heavier than any orange league farm war clan and never match them.

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    Thanks for the feedback... DA brings up some good points. I joined Cloudlight; they are running 20/5v TH11 wars. They are war focused, so hoping that by growing it could become a larger all TH11(w/EA) war clan.
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    Hey Bob from The Legacy. We are looking for more Th11. We currently have two clans within our family The Legacy lv14, (#P0CYRURC) and Oblivion Lv13 (#LGQYL08). The Legacy is an mlcw clan running more balanced wars th9-11. Oblivion is an awl clan, focus more on th11 based wars. We are part of the Revolutionaries family with access to cwl participation through Any Good New #9UCQPL9U. Legacy war record is 392W to 39 L. Oblivion war record is 317W to162L. If your interested contact us at

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