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    Post Hay Day Winter 2013 Update Feedback Thread

    Hey good forum folk,

    The team would really like to hear your feedback about this year's winter update. There were a few bumps in the road after its initial release, so I'm opening up this thread to ask you to share what you liked/didn't or to let us know about a new technical issue you're running into.

    Important: If you happen to be running into a technical glitch please be sure to include your device type and iOS version (e.g. iPhone 5S, iOS 7.0.3).

    Thank you!
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    I love, love, love the winter update and haven't had any issues with it yet.

    Would love the chance to sell some decoration items that I have many of to others at a capped off price!!!

    Thanks for keeping it interesting!!!!
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    Winter update

    Love it & no problems, but most of the decorations cost diamonds? That's just wrong, evey game I've played you've never had to buy the Christmas tree with real money.

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    likes and dislikes

    I wish I had the option to have the winter scene or not. Also wish my recent helpers field in friends wasnt filled with a bunch of peeps who have done nothing for me. I wish i had a better chance of scoring good things at the mailbox too.

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    Now our farms look much prettier thanks to the last 2 updates^^
    i especially love the amazing decos we can get with diamonds but maybe they could be a lil bit cheaper
    and pls cant we start to use the new machines as soon as we buy them?cuz i think waiting for more then a day isnt really necessary after we pay tons of money on them
    and pls give us more land cuz soon we wont be able to find place for the new items we obtain :/
    thanks for nice new features! we are more ecxited for the upcoming ones* *

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    iOS 7 for iPad problems

    I like the new update Except that when ever I try to fish I get booted off the app and it closes

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    A double-tap to confirm a diamond is great and slows the game down not at all. WHEN will we ALL get it? When I get it, I will buy diamonds again = net profit for SC.

    On the positive side:

    LOVE the new crops -- especially the rice

    Have not opened the new machines yet so can't comment, but we bought all 3 in the first minute we could get in, so you can assume we are looking forward to the new products.

    LOVE the outfits on everybody -- especially the touks on the pigs. Very funny how the purple scarves make the goats look like -- well, old goats! ha ha

    Love the little funny details like the chicken tracks into the mine -- make us LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH

    that we cant buy the Holiday tree for less than 30 diamonds or for coins as last year (I am told) --OUCH!

    Snowman -- 12 diamonds. Also OUCH!

    Snow glove -- meh. Some love it, not us.

    Presents -- FUN!!

    Love the snow and the dusted trees.

    That's all I can think of for now -- if I think of more I will edit.


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    Selling decorations

    In the ideas and suggestions section of the forum I posted about having a spring cleaning event once a year to give us a chance to clean out our storage with the dusty items we never remove from storage. Items we win on the wheel or get via mail packages or simply paid for and no longer want. To help with diamond sales SC can make it so diamond purchased decorations can not be sold. I just see people who have 30 or more bikes or any other deco item ... What in the world can we do with that many of one item on our farm and still have space? There are items I will never use so they are just useless storage space.

    As as far as the update I like it! More machines and items! Thank you! Trees are a bad color lol pine trees are cute though!

    You our can see my idea labeled spring cleaning event.

    Vote for a Spring cleaning event!!

    GC --Jay 24--

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    Every time I go to the fishing hole it crashes

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    Love the new update but things are too expensive and take far too long to build, seems like I can never make enough money for anything

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