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Thread: [One And Only] Special Lunar New Year Obstacle 2018

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    [One And Only] Special Lunar New Year Obstacle 2018

    What's this ? New special ostacle(s) ??!!

    We do not yet know whether or not there will be any, but if there are going to be special obstacles, then business here as usual
    EDiT: Confirmed 2 kinds of obstacles, spawning started Feb.1st.
    EDiT: Not business as usual, thread got merged and this thread's title hijacked, ranking has stopped.

    All commonly asked questions answered below and discussions about the obstacle(s) in thread
    as well as the now traditional rankings.

    Who get's the first obstacle, who has the most, and will end up with the best placings?
    And, what do/does this years special obstacle(s) even look like?! as posted in rumor threads Fireworks, Lucky Tree ?!
    Also: What do you get for removing it ? (probably 75k, but do we know for sure?)
    EDiT: Here's proof for at least one of the two special obstacles, curtesey of Adarsh1275X

    Post a pic of your base to get listed here. We'll have the first three to get a new obstacle (or one of the new if there are different kinds),
    the top 10 with the most obstacles
    and the top 10 by points where an in field obstacle counts 1 point, 2points for semi fringed 3 for a fully fringed and 4 points for corner placement and also 4 for special placement (e.g. right next to last years halloween obstacle and such, I will decide on which derserve to count as such).
    If there are equal amounts of these obstacles and/or points, whoever posts earlier will get ranked higher.
    There will also be a ranking for best single and best multiple placement.

    All common questions to holiday obstacles answered here:

    Spawn of these does not fall into the max obstacle limit, you can get a special obstacle even if the number of other obstacles already reaches or succeeds the obstacle limit.
    Yes, they spawn at different rates than previous years, be patient.
    Yes, you can get more than one.
    Yes, you still get some more if you have removed one or some already.
    Yes, they still spawn even though the boost special is over.
    The exact end time of the special obstacle spawning is not published, but in the past it has coincided with an app update. To tell if the special obstacles are still spawning, scout a friendly challenge. If you see an additional special obstacle on the friendly challenge that is not on the actual base, the special obstacles are still spawning.

    Good Luck and Have Fun

    Time to get started !!

    Early Birds: Congratulations !! (tree - fireworks)
    1. Fsbn - bigaj
    2. bigaj - Praveenkuman12
    3. Adarsh1275X - ClasherYukon

    (first with one of each: ClasherYukon)

    Obstacle Mass Count: Congratulations !!
    1. ZomDog (33)
    2. SirNeoGeo (26)
    3. daturtle (25)


    Zomdog (33) (16T+17FW)
    SirNeoGeo (26) (12T+14FW)
    daturtle (25) (20T+5FW)
    DanBT (24) (9T+13FW)
    Sandy2 (20) (12+8)
    shreyasbela2233 (19) (11T+8FW)
    S2G047 (16) (6T+10FW)
    Anarchos (16) (8T+8FW)
    BL4CKN1GHT (16) (8T+8FW)
    firepower1001 (15) (7T+8FW)
    bigaj (15) (5T+10FW)
    bineva17 (15) (10T+5FW)
    MightyKnightt (15) (6T+9FW)
    FattyMeow (15) (6T+9FW)
    Piper139 (13) (8T+6FW)
    NewtTheSlayer (11) (5T+6FW)
    sebaoyc (11) (4T+7FW)
    CloudOfClans (11) (6T+5FW)

    Obstacle Points: Congratulations !!
    1. ZomDog (86)
    2. daturtle (79)
    3. SirNeoGeo (68)


    ZomDog (86) (38+48)
    daturtle (79) (68+11)
    SirNeoGeo (68) (26+41)
    Sandy2 (57) (31+26)
    firepower1001 (53) (28+25)
    shreyasbela2233 (53) (28+25)
    BL4CKN1GHT (52) (25+27)
    FattyMeow (50) (19+31)
    S2G047 (47) (18+29)
    Piper139 (47) (30+17)
    MightyKnightt (46) (19+27)
    Anarchos (45) (20+25)
    DanBT (44) (19+25)
    NewtTheSlayer (39) (18+21)
    CloudOfClans (37) (20+17)
    Phoenix1027 (36) (30+6)
    bigaj (35) (11+24)
    iGroot (35) (22+13)

    Best Single Placement
    1. dvegas
    2. NewtTheSlayer
    3. Meanguppy

    dvegas (beautiful corner pair flanked by christmas trees and a pumpkin)
    NewtTheSlayer (fringe pair amid cluster of many different specials including both kinds of presents)
    Meanguppy (fringe pair amid cluster of different specials)

    honourable mentions:
    Neverlosehope (beautiful corner tree amid adjacent specials)
    YScorpion (perfect corner FW)
    Gueede (FW amid fringe cluster of special obstacles)
    Pillager83 (Fireworks next to ClanGames' fireworks)
    Yushee (great tree placement close to corner and x-mas trees from 2 years)

    and the pics:







    Special new ranking: Best MULTIPLE placement

    1. Sandy2
    2. CloudofCLans
    3. dvegas

    Sandy2 (strip of 3T+1FW fringed, adjacent)
    CloudofClans (strip of 2T+2FW, back end fringe, nearly fully adjacent)
    dvegas (strip of 2T+1FW back end fringe, adjacent)

    honourable mentions:
    firepower1001 (strip of 3T+1FW fringed, partly adjacent)
    ZomDog (cluster of 2T+4FW close to east corner)
    Fattymeow (cluster of 1T+3FW with cakes)
    best multiple trees:
    dvegas (tripple tree fringed adjacent to other special obstacles)
    Hemant (tripple tree top corner)
    daturtle (quintuple trees west corner)
    ZomDog (double tree bottom corner, adjacent)
    Yushee (double trees with double xmas'17 trees fringed close to east corner)
    best multiple fireworks:
    S2G047 (quadruple Fireworks with x.mas trees'16 partly fringed east corner)
    shreyasbela2233 (tripple Fireworks partly fringed)
    veluskse (double Fireworks, adjacent, fringed)
    Yushee (double Fireworks, adjacent, fringed)
    MightyKnightt (loose group of 5 Fireworks mixed with cakes and x-mas trees'17 mainly fringed)

    and the pics:







    best multiple trees



    best multiple Fireworks




    Last edited by TullSadum; March 18th, 2018 at 02:35 PM. Reason: rankings updated

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    Quote Originally Posted by fette View Post
    Well we got the fancy loading screen so I’m hoping for some fancy obstacles to go with it
    Well i liked the Dishes that was there in the loading screen table
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    Another Obstacle Thread! Yay!
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    Was wondering if we would get a thread like this
    Already activated my "spawn base". I wait

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    Waiting for one to spawn. Only got one Christmas tree in a good place last time.

    Your local PEKKA

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    tick tock, lemme have it

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    I'm almost out of room on my base. My cakes will be the first to go.
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    I totally understand, that there are several leauges in each tier. That is so obvious, that it is insulting to act, like I didn't know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheUnwanted View Post
    I'm almost out of room on my base. My cakes will be the first to go.
    Been deleting specialty obstacles for 2 years now. Not by choice that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biz View Post
    Been deleting specialty obstacles for 2 years now. Not by choice that is.
    I have a maximum of two of each. Sad really, but need to make room.
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