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    Send me a VM. Literally say anything but please do it. It takes 2 seconds.
    Quote Originally Posted by myavatarisupsidedown View Post
    She didn't die man.

    And that's kind of rude BTW.

    I'm glad you're well now
    I was referring to my own death, but I'm alive now.

    Nice name and avi bro
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    Just received my prize. Thanks supercell

    Get well soon raindragon, if you aren't (since you still don't seem to be around). Looking forward to the next contest already
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    Awesome! I'm glad to hear it! I'm still around. Been pushing for approval on new contests but it's taken a really LONG time to get it. Finally got it yesterday so I will be rolling something out soon I hope! My graphic artist has gotten too busy in real life so I'm on the lookout right now. Shouldn't be too long.

    Gonna close this one up now. The next couple that I have planned are gonna be a blast!

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