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Thread: Unable to log into API website

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    Unhappy Unable to log into API website

    I registered for the API/developer site last night, confirmed my email but have been unable to log in as apparently it's "Invalid email or password.", so when I tried to reset the password, it said the exact same thing there, even when just entering the email.
    Trying to register just said that there already is an account with the email.
    I also received the confirmation email about succesful account creation.

    Not sure what else to do. I was unable to find any direct contact or help either sadly.

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    I'm not sure how you get support on this really. SC don't monitor this part of the forum much, and I suspect in-game support won't have a clue

    My only suggestion is to try again with another email address. Login is still working OK for me.

    PS: you're not mixing upper and lower case are you? Email itself doesn't care, but just possibly SC have inadvertently made parts of it case sensitive (eg login might be case sensitive, but the registration page not when checking if an email exists)
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    Thank you for the quick answer! I had tried creating another account yesterday but it resulted in the same.

    However, your PS trick with case sensitivity seemed to do the trick, instead of typing it in the way I did when signing up, I put my email address in all lower case and it worked. So, thank you for adding that! Would've never suspected that to be the issue.

    (I tried again logging in with my email the "normal" way, which includes one capital, and confirmed that this is in fact the issue)
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