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Thread: lava hound became a balloon

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    Red face lava hound became a balloon

    Hello all, i not good write in English (sorry), i have a problem))
    Clash of Clans version game 9.434.14
    in clan castle (level 6) i sent request lava hound and balloon, the clan give me and my castle full. I out in the game, after 5 minutes returned to the game, in castle i see two ballons.. WHY?? what happened
    i don't now, where to write, where to find out what happened?
    thank you, all the best))

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    There could be a glitch, or your eye sight may be deceiving you.

    I would suggest requesting for a hound again and move on with life.

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    It mostly happens when the mate who is donating you have the low connection icon in their screen it happen whe you minimize the game for like 7, 8 seconds and comeback to the game regardless or not your internet connection.

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    Yep this seems to happen when you have bad connection to internet or the person donating does. I also think it happens sometimes when you log off right as a troop is donated. Sometimes, if you log out and log back in you will find the troop is now there. Other times it isn’t. Often, when it isn’t, you need to get filled up again, but after doing your attack the missing troop is now in the castle.
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    I forgot...
    When such castle bugs happen (bad connection to the server from donor), the only way to reset the castle is to use it, in attack or defense.
    If hints appear, like the castle shows Ďfullí, but is empty/incomplete, or the request stays in chat: go to single map (goblins) and see what is the castle (long press on it), and if not desired : dismiss them in that attack.
    After the attack, the castle may show other troops donated but bugged. If such is the case, repeat, until the castle is empty.
    The castle is ready to be filled again.

    In OPís case: 2 loons were donated, and a lava after, but the castle didnít have space anymore. If the castle showed full, then the lava is waiting for the castle to be reset (see above) to appear.

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