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Thread: Worst war matchmaking ever

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    IT'S ENDED. 57-60 LOSS #7 A single cannon base with level 11 grand warden,

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    And he used level 4 lava level 7 loons and 255* camp spaces on a th9. 5😂

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    Thanks for reporting back. However, as others have said 9.5’s at the top of your roster is not advantageous.

    Also, my opinion, this wasn’t the worst matchmaking ever. Maybe bad, but not worst.

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    Yeh sorry for whining but these matchmakings are getting on the nerve of me

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    Even when i removed my top account from war the result is still same opponent with infernos and xbows plz check my clan with the clan tag i provided

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    And gimme some advice after checking my accounts named overlord in the clan

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    #8J0RV8V9C this is the player tag of the account i removed from the clan

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