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Thread: Worst war matchmaking ever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Overlord999 View Post
    My clan is currently having a 20v20 war.
    We have included 3 th9. 5s in war with no xbows or infernos and only a few th 10 level troops but our opponents are nearly maxed th10s with higher defences and 3 xbows - 2 infernos.THERE IS NO CHANCE we can even draw this war. As they have maxed troops to wreck our tiny bases check our top 3 bases and theirsAttachment 207854Attachment 207855Attachment 207856...

    Opponents have everything of th10 level except 1 level down archer towers and cannons and level 3-2 infernos
    The matchmaker does its best to match us the fairest way. You have 3 lots of th10 offence across from 3 lots of th10 offence. Yes, you are low on defence which hurts you here. I’d call it suboptimal, but fairer than a match where you had a clan outgunned considerably on offence. The fairest possible match of corse would be another clan with 3 9.5s on top, but there wouldn’t be many of those about. It may be the worst matchmaking you have seen in your clan, but it’s a very long way from the worst ever.
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    I know its not fair to engineer but even when we hvnt started to engineer our bases we got got matched with clans having low defences and max th offence
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    With some of your members engineering its not a surprise that you are getting unfair matches.

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    Also, I forgot to mention that #7 of our opponent is a th11 with maxed lava loon lighting rage and drags and he is the mirror of a th8

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    Lemme give u my clan tag plz check all overlord accounts and the opponents we are getting i will make the war log public

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    You're upset that your manipulation of matchmaking backfired.

    That's priceless.

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    Lol im not the only one doing so and coc has no rules against it that means its completely fine

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    #P28L0VVG is the clan tag plz check previous wars, how we get mismatched continously

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    Please post your final result. Maybe you can get added to the worst match in history before it starts, but we won list.

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    War is ending in 30 mins then u can see how different the two clan rosters were and plz check how their #7 3 starred our #1

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