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Thread: Need a clan

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    Need a clan

    I'm max th8 and new to th9 wit 636 war stars and LVL 98 ..give me ur discord code and check me out

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    War with us until your heroes, war troops and defenses are a little higher then move up to our main clan, The Towers! Discord code is below! Cheers!

    Toxic Wrath

    Level 7 War and Farm Clan
    A friendly, semi-mature, international, war clan!
    Seeking TH8 to 11!
    War with a hero down!
    A great place to Farm and war!

    What are we about?

    ⦁ We are the Sister Clan to The Towers. The Towers is a competitive level 12 war clan. The Towers has been overflowing lately so we recently dusted off Toxic Twins and made it the sister clan.
    ⦁ Ranging in age from 16 to 50+ and from all over the world, we're a diverse bunch to say the least, all brought together by our love for war!
    ⦁ We win the right way, through skill and planning. We don't engineer, although .5 and slightly-rushed bases are fine.
    ⦁ We are a clan that focuses on providing a relaxing, fun, drama free space for people to chill, clash, and kicking down sandcastles together.
    ⦁ Once a person proves themselves in Toxic Wrath they may be offered a spot in our main clan, The Towers.

    Who are we looking for?

    ⦁ Toxic Wrath is currently recruiting non-rushed Th8s to 11s. We're also recruiting TH9s-Th11s while they de-rush or de-engineer.
    ⦁ We strongly believe in recruiting the person, not the base. We can help fix a rushed based so long as you want to. We can't fix a jerk.
    ⦁ We are looking for players who love war and are active. We don't want members that just show up and perform two attacks then disappear.

    Why join us?

    ⦁ We're a bunch of genuinely nice, chill, fun clashers who leave our egos at the door. We treat every member with the same respect regardless of TH level, skill, or experience.
    ⦁ We have members who have retired from various competitive, league war clans to come to our more relaxing environment. We will help you get to the level of skill you want to be at.
    ⦁ Our main clan is a member of the Aussie Clan Alliance (ACA). Once you make it to The Towers, you'll have the chance be a part of a fantastic community. If you are good enough and are feeling more competitive one weekend, you can hop to other ACA clans for Pot Luck wars, CWL wars, MLCW wars, NDL wars, and arranged wars. If you don't feel like it, then you can keep kicking down sandcastles in The Towers or Toxic Wrath.

    Clan Member Requirements:
    -Be active, chill, semi-mature, and semi-intelligent
    In order to war, you need to be:
    Th8: Near maxed
    -Level 4 Hogs
    TH9: Finished TH8
    -No xbows (Th8.5): 10K/5Q
    -Level 1 xbows: 10/10 heroes
    -Level 2 xbows: 15/15 heroes
    -Level 3 xbows: 25/25 heroes
    TH10: Finished TH9
    -No Infernos: 20/20 heroes
    -Level 1 infernos: 20/20 heroes
    -Level 2 infernos: 25/25 heroes
    -Level 3 infernos: 30/30 heroes
    TH11: Finished TH10
    -No Eagle: 30/30/10 heroes
    -With Eagle = 35/35/10 heroes

    How to join Toxic Wrath?:
    Apply in-game with the password: Toxic Tower
    Apply via our Discord server:
    Discord is mandatory for all members.
    Or, send me a personal message here.

    Our Main:
    The Towers
    Level 12 War Clan
    Accepting non-rushed Th9s to 11s.
    Both heroes need to be up to war

    Aussie Clan Alliance Memebers (ACA)
    Aussie Addicts: #8RGQP80U - CWL Rising Clan
    100% Aussie: #2QJVL8GU
    Aussie WootWoot: #PC0VV2J0 - MLCW
    Hired Goons: #2U9280G0 - MLCW
    down under: #8G8LP09R - MLCW
    The Towers: #8J29C
    #Ham: #9LJ0RCRJ

    The clan cares a lot about finding the happy medium between winning wars and enjoying the game (this is a game, after all).

    Clash on friend :-)

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    #pvuyclr8- Terror- Competitive Th9 wars, Lvl 10

    #p28p09u9- Tribe- Casual, Lvl 13


    FRIENDLY☺️ War, Farm, Push Clans. Put "War, Farm, or Trophy " in request. IF THE CLAN IS CLOSED, friend request one of the leaders. Kik username caneheat. Discord - Caneheat#1528

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    If you're still looking for a clan, check us out. Clan name is Spitfire, tag #UR2Y9YCG.

    We're an organized, international war clan and we take war seriously. We have some great attackers who will always assist with strategies & practise whenever needed.

    We play fair 100% and we don't take engineered bases in war. Currently recruiting th7-9.

    Discord mandatory for clan management purposes.

    If you'd like to join us, pop in our recruitment server for smalltalk

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    Pathankot, Punjab, India

    Get yours here

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    Happy New Year everyone who reads this post! New year! New clan? New fun times ahead!

    SpiralStaircase a clan that welcomes all town hall levels TH3-TH11

    SpiralStaircase #JUG8ULVR :
    If you are a high level clasher who enjoys teaching or you are new to the game and wanting to learn attack strategy and how to war-- this is the clan for you. We value non-rushed bases but all town hall levels are welcome. We created the clan approximately 7 months ago so it remains fresh with ideas and enthusiasm, has a flexible approach and is willing to adapt war strategy as the clan develops and strengthens. We are a level 7 clan ( so the plus one level on troop donations) and our war log is improving steadily.
    We are a relaxed and friendly clan that is a supportive learning environment with lots of laughs along the way. No drama here.

    We are encouraging loads of friendly challenges so we can all practice on each other's bases and get tips and advice on how to attack in wars and in farming. Donations and requests are encouraged. The aim is to try to keep a healthy balance between the two. Taking CC troops is always useful in raids as well as war especially when practising attacks.

    We have a solid co-leader team and have created a BAND to communicate well. This enhanced communication allows us to share attack strategy links and videos, is a place to share ideas and promote events within the clan and general clash of clans news. Use of BAND is optional of course but is encouraged.

    For those wishing to war, we war three times a week. During war the expectaction is that all members included in the war use both attacks, follow the war plan (sent in clan mail prior to each war) and take cc troops with them in each attack. As a group we appreciate that achieving 3 stars is not always easy in war and it is totally okay if 3 stars aren't achieved, however clan mate respect is essential, so not showing in war is a no go! If you are busy and can't war that is fine, just use your opt in and opt out of war button as you wish. On occasion we use our sister clan space to facilitate friendly interclan wars and these can be fun, and an excellent way for lower townhall levels to practice war in a fun and non pressured way.
    Promotions are earned over time, taking into consideration activity, donations, advice given, and commitment to the clan.
    We are looking forward to welcoming you to our clan family!

    HOW TO JOIN SpiralStaircase:

    Request to enter SpiralStaircase #JUG8ULVR : mentioning you are from the forum when you send your request to join. An elder or co leader will accept you.
    We look forward to meeting you and having lots of clash fun!

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    V.F RELOADED|International Back to Back War Clan|Adults 18+|


    Check Us Out HERE or Facebook, Discord, YouTube and Twitter

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    🤠🖐️ I'm HowDi from We Are Brother (“WAB”) one of two level 12 clans that are part of the WAB Clan Family. We're looking to top off our very active family of clans by bringing on TH 9 people. If you're tired of small wars, inactive boring clans or an inability to reach those awesome top level rewards in clan games, then come check out our dynamic clan family. See our most recent post at and be sure to visit our website for much more clan information. One final thing, since we are always at war we DO NOT ACCEPT IN GAME REQUESTS TO JOIN. Unfortunately, some clans have been known to send spies into clans they are at war with. To avoid that problem, we screen all potential members thru our Discord welcome room. If you apply in game, you will automatically be rejected even though you may have been qualified to join our family. Hope to see you soon in our Discord welcome room.

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    If you are still looking for clans, check out our ClashPub clan family,
    Join us on Discord for an interview:

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    War Clan Seeking Members, Apply Within!

    Hi! I'm the leader of Bregan D'aerth (Clan Tag #YC2CUPUV) and our feeder, BrotherhoodPL (Y228CRC0).

    About Bregan D'aerth:

    12th level war clan
    225 war wins
    45 members
    We war non-stop
    Currently ranked 23,716th in the world and 1,465th in the United States

    About our Feeder, BrotherhoodPL (i.e. our AAA baseball team):

    12th level war clan
    302 war wins
    45 members
    We war non-stop
    Currently ranked 68,625th in the world and 4,577th in the United States

    Which clan should you join?
    We are recruiting .5 bases and engineered accounts. These will go into my feeder, BrotherhoodPL. We used to have a large number of these bases in Bregan, but the recent shift in the war match-up formula has created a situation where we were getting our butts kicked in war, sometimes facing 10-12 fully engineered th11s against us. So we moved all of those bases into the feeder. Bregan is entirely fair play. We accept those bases, but not in the main clan anymore.

    Requirements to join Bregan:
    If you're TH11 - must have 60 combined hero levels & have built Eagle Artillery
    If you're TH10 - must have 40 combined hero levels and have built both Inferno Towers
    If you're TH9 - must have 30 combined hero levels and have built both X-bows

    If you do not qualify for Bregan, join BrotherhoodPL.
    Brotherhood's requirements are TH9 or higher who does not meet above requirements or
    TH8 with 3rd level dragons

    **If Bregan is full, please go to our feeder/farming clan until a spot opens up. We regularly do 50vs50 wars, so you have to join the feeder when that's going on. Obviously I will not have room for you in Bregan D'aerth while that's going on. Or likewise, if we're doing a 50 vs 50 in the feeder, you will have to join Bregan until that war is over, even if you would not normally qualify.
    **If you're not a hardcore war player and more of a farmer, please go to the feeder.
    **If you WANT to be a hardcore war player but aren't ready yet, please go to the feeder for practice.
    **If you are a hardcore war player but do not meet the above requirements for the main clan, please go to BrotherhoodPL until you do.
    **Once a spot opens up we'll promote the best guy in the feeder back to the main clan.

    We are a group of international clashers hailing from the US, UK, India, Finland, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Iraq, China, Singapore & The Philippines i.e. all over the world. Because our clans are so diverse you can expect donations 24/7 with people being up at different times of the day.

    Everyone in the clan is very respectful. No one will berate you for a war attack not turning out the way you planned. This has happened to everybody. The important thing is that you try to learn from your mistakes and improve as a player.

    Screenshots of recent wars, we obliterated the opposition (click the pic to make it larger)


    1) We war non-stop. You can opt out anytime, but if you're in you must participate.
    2) Donate the troops that someone requests.
    3) Be respectful towards your fellow clan members.
    4) Opt out of war when your heroes are down or your spell factory is upgrading.
    5) Never attack in war without a full clan castle and spells.
    6) Always read clan mail
    7) You must participate in wars at least some of the time! We are war clans.
    8) This rule is a fun one. Anytime you request troops you MUST post a friendly challenge. This provides everyone with more opportunities for practice.
    9) Please do not do loot attacks in war. If there are based that have not been 3 starred, we expect you to try your best and hit them, even if your chances of success are low.
    10) You cannot participate in clan wars until you lose the "new" tag by your name.
    11) Lastly, do not beg for troops or promotions! We fill requests quickly and promotions are earned. I'm not making anyone co-leader because they donated a lot of troops last week. If you expect that then this probably is not the right clan for you.

    If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I'm an open book! Message me here or on kik @ DixieNormas8

    When you request to join please say, "Ultrin sent me" in your reply so we know you aren't a war spy.

    Feel free to join our Facebook Group, Bregan D'aerth of CoC!!

    Join our Discord Channel Bregan Brotherhood
    NOTE: Discord is NOT a requirement. I do not force members to use it, if you do not want to download any other apps to supplement standard game play, that's perfectly fine by me.

    Join our Clash Royale clan, Psycho Hardware! #8JP229 We always get the full clan chest!!

    Hope to see you soon!!

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