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    Quote Originally Posted by EllunaHellen View Post
    My own: Send off, unless PP boat
    Other people's crates: Help sometimes, if I have it and don't need it right that moment. Not often, though.
    That’s exactly what I do.

    The only thing I have to add is that I hire Tom part-time, and sometimes when he’s ready, there’s nothing I need. So when that happens I look to see what my friends’ boats need—and I especially enjoy helping with items like dairy that are hard to get help with. I love it when they need exactly 9 of something, but if it’s 10-12, I’ll just send Tom for 9 and make up the difference. And if it’s fewer than 9, I get to keep the change .

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    I do not fill my dairy, sugar or feather boats at all. I send them all off.

    If I happen to have extra butter or cheese, I will fill friends boats. Sadly, I never have enough cream to even consider helping.

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