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Thread: Wars with builder base

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    Wars with builder base

    What if they had wars that you had 3 attacks and you had to make your 2 attacks on normal bases, and made one attack on the builder base. How much would that change up how we look at wars?

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    Nothing would really change as far as wars are concerned. It would only force players into playing the bb. I seriously hope they never implement wars with the bb. Last thing we need right now

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    I'm with DBlaze: we should never be forced to do anything with BB... we already practically are with the 'improvements'... but war? Nope, please not...

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    It would make people hate wars, and screw up the MMS even more.
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    This idea got suggested a while back on the ideas section and i still dont like it as i cant see anyway it could be a fair match up eg in my clan we have max th9&8 bases but their builder bases are only lev3 so your idea would make even more bases quit wars in my opinion

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    Agreed with the above. People like different things. They should never combine the two. It would knock out all but about two of our players, who actually play both with a good degree of skill and enjoy both. No need to further complicate in-game life.

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    A more practical idea would be builder base wars. I wouldn't be opposed to them implementing them, but it's not a feature that I desire. I would strongly dislike combined wars with main base and builder base. It's a cool idea, but I don't see how they could implement it in a way that doesn't make it more trouble than it's worth.
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    Absolutely NO. War is the only reason I play . It's the reason I farm , wars everything for me ,adding BH to wars would be the end of my clash career . To say I'm not a fan of the BH would be an understatement! Force me to play it by adding it to the mode I love would be the end.........

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    Builder wars should come out but separate from the main base wars.

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