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Thread: Wars with builder base

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    Let me add my list to the names that vehemently oppose Builder Base ever being included in wars.

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    Why builder base was not added to Clash Royale instead of Clash of Clans is a mystery, both PvP which myself and over 90% of the players I know dislike.

    I visit my BhB purely to collect gems and upgrade from collectors, this is to give me the option of "gearing up" if it ever becomes a worthwhile upgrade to any of the TH defences. I have not attacked in BhB for over 6 months as I hate it with a passion.

    If BhB wars were forced onto us, I would quit wars, and probably the game as wars are what keep me playing.
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    Yes, please. Add builder base to wars.

    3 attacks, split as the attacker sees fit:

    3 BH, 0 main
    2 BH, 1 main
    1 BH, 2 main or
    0 BH, 3 main

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    I wish there would be an option in wars too . We can play either home village or builder base. But we should never force anyone to play builder base .

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