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    I started a thread in Ideas & Feature Requests about adding a pause button to the Clock Tower so that the boost is not wasted during a long attack using archers.

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    A percentage builder base challenge came up on the Clan Games menu, so I thought I would give it a try with one of my alt villages (not attacked for over 6 months on any of my accounts). Would you believe it I got the 200% damage in 3 attacks including 2 wins all with my level 12 sneaky archers using the old strategic deployment taking the whole 3 minutes.
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    While I'd prefer a "give up" button, if sc would just give me a way to taunt the sneaky archer attackers then i would be happy. Now i just curse them as my clock runs down.

    Honestly the best is watching them waste all that time only to pop out and see that i put up three stars to their guaranteed 55% lol

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