Forumers were asked for their input on recruitment tips for a recruitment guide. This thread contains those tips, as well as some additional information that should be useful in helping you recruit for your neighborhood.

Recruitment Thread Titles


  • Put your NH name in the title
  • Put your NH ID in the title
  • Use a constant title that does not need changing often
  • Make a title that is high quality, informative and attractive

Title Changes

If you need the title of your recruitment thread changed, PM a moderator. Please include a link to the recruitment thread for a faster response.

Any edits needed in the post itself can be done by the person who created the thread.

NH Description


  • Mention the goal/goals of your NH
  • Mention your number of medals
  • Mention how long your NH has been around
  • Mention what you expect of new members
  • Mention anything you offer new members
  • Put what kind of NH you are: casual, lazy, hard-working, friendly, non-talkative, must talk
  • Mention your derby rules: Are other NH members required to spend diamonds? What are your task trashing rules?
  • Mention other rules you have: What's allowed? What's not allowed? Do you have rules for trading? Do you have rules about boat help and/or watering help? Do you have townie rules?
  • Put your derby level
  • Put any age minimums or maximums
  • Put any level requirements
  • Mention language requirements
  • Mention any rules regarding donations and/or upgrading/expanding
  • Tell a bit about your NH. What is your NH like?
  • Mention what members can expect from your NH
  • Specify if you seek only members who speak a certain language and/or from a certain country
  • Put in any additional qualifications you seek from potential members
  • Be honest in your post. Tell potential members what your NH is really like.
  • Use eye-catching colors. Underline and bold as needed to show emphasize important stuff. Consider the readability of your post.
  • Bump once a day so as to have maximum visibility
  • End with something like "We hope to see you soon!"
  • Keep it simple
  • Be honest and frank
  • Don't have too many rules, as some are turned off by too many rules
  • Consider a meme or joke, just something to make people laugh.
  • Mention if you use Facebook or any other communication app to communicate with NH members
  • Bump at different times of the day to get members worldwide (but keep in mind the bumping rules)
  • Feel it's okay to wait for quality NH members over filling openings
  • Read this post as well, as it offers some great feedback better read in its entirety

Always put your NH name and NH ID in the recruitment thread so that players can find your NH. You have no idea how many times this goes missed. People will join, but only if they know how to find you.


What is bumping?

Bumping is how you get your recruitment thread to the top of the page. BUMP means "bring up my post".

When any post is made on your recruitment thread, the thread is "bumped" to the top of the page, which is why there are rules in place for bumping to keep it fair for everyone else trying to recruit.

How do I bump?

Since any thread is "bumped" to the top of the page when a reply is made, all you need to do is post a reply on on your recruitment thread. Just go to your thread and click on the "reply" button. Hit the green "reply to thread" button when done and there you are, your thread is bumped.

What do I say when I bump?

Some say "bump this thread" or "bumpity bump". One forumer gives fun did-you-know tips. Others give updates on how their NH is doing in the derby. Do whatever feels right to you and your NH. Keep it according to the forum rules, of course.

Can I delete old bumping posts on my thread?

As long as it is in accordance with the bumping rules, you can delete old bumping posts.

Recruitment Rules Reminder: As per the recruitment rules, each NH can have one recruitment thread and they can bump this one recruitment thread once a day. Bumping and deleting multiple times in one day is a violation of the rules, as is having multiple recruitment threads for the same NH (even by different NH members).

Also: If multiple people will be bumping the recruitment thread, you must coordinate with them to determine who will bump the thread when.


For the best results, keep the following in mind:

  • Never ever hijack another recruitment thread to recruit for your own NH.
  • Follow the recruitment rules: only create one recruitment thread and only bump it once a day. Deleting posts and bumping multiple times a day is against the rules and can earn you a warning or infraction.
  • Don't shame another NH in their thread or elsewhere on the forum. If you find someone has posted something inappropriate, sent you a harassing VM or PM, please report the post, VM or PM by locating the button that has a ! in a triangle. Provide a brief reason for the report and this report will then go to mods who will then handle the report.

Sending Private Messages or PMs

To send a PM (private message): click/tap on the name of the person you want to PM. An option to send a PM to them appears. Alternatively, you can also go to top right of the page: notifications > inbox > send new message > type the name of the person you want to PM.

Stuck? Have questions? PM a moderator. See this page for a list of mods.

A special thank you to all who contributed to this thread to get this thread made :