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Thread: The worst match-up I've ever come across!! :(

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    Okay Lady, I made it over to your clan! Here is what I found:


    You should definitely show up to this war. These style of clans are very flaky. I have seen many of them give up if the war gets to hard.


    The opposing clan has 7 of their TH11's with only air troops. Power Potions could change this, but they would be using a lot of them. If they did chances are they would not be proficient with non air troops (as they probably don't have much experience with ground attacks). Let's just assume that they won't (not really much you can do if they decide to anyways).

    Almost all your bases have infernos. I would set at least #6 and down too single target mode. This will be very strong in warding off/defending dragon attacks. Also, I would fill the war cc's in #6 and down with these troop combos (mix them up per base so as not to be predictable). Make sure CC's are hard to lure. Most likely they will bring loons to lure your cc's. If they cannot get the cc totally lured, they will just spam away and that baby dragon and a few archers that are left will wreck their attack. This will be great at defending against lavaloon spam.

    -All Archers + Baby Drag + 1 Loon
    -All Archers + Big Drag + 1 Loon
    -All Archers

    So by doing these two things, you will have potentially negated 7 of their th11's.

    Add to that, that they have 4 th10's that are pretty much useless this war, thats 22 attacks out of 40 that will most likely be unproductive at getting 3 stars. That gives them 1 serious attack left over to get 3 stars on your bases with very little room for error.


    Your clan is defensively superior to theirs, They are giving your clan 4-5 stars (easily gained) that they will be hard pressed to recover.


    Your bases #1-#5 should have normal CC troops and maybe 1 inferno set to multi and one to single.

    That pretty much sums up any advice I can offer. Power Potions may or may not get used.

    One thing you might consider. You have quite a few 40/40 max Th10's on your roster. I don't know if your clan participates in CWL/NDL leagues, but if not, you may want to consider bumping them to th11 and just upgrading the lab (no troops). You guys could really light a clan like this up with power potions if needed. Just changing to th11 and upgrading lab structure would basically 0 effect on your match making.

    Good Luck on your war. It's definitely an uphill battle for you. Hopefully your defenses and base designs will prevail! I think you guys may very well be able to win this one. I will be interested to know how it turns out! Thanks for letting me stop by.
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    Nah the worst match up ever was one my clan had. We pooled for a 50vs50 we had a mixed clan of th8 - th11 maxers and engineers. We faced a clan of 48 th11 all with at least 1 max th11 war army and 2 th10. Sorry no more details it was long ago but one crazy match. In fact that was our last 50vs50 war as we never got a fair fight in 50vs50 random spin. Oh ya we got beat by about 8 stars if I remember correctly.

    Good Luck hit em hard and fast to put the pressure on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AFrostyBlaze View Post
    Matchmaking has been pretty bad for a week or so now. We've had 3 matches in a row down by 7 or more th11s
    This is disheartening. How did you do in those matchups? You've been a shining example of perfect matchups for months and preaching balanced bases. Curious as to what your thoughts are on what's happening here.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperStorm103 View Post
    Okay Lady, I made it over to your clan! Here is what I found:
    Thanks for this, SuperStorm. Very helpful.
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    Thanks superstorm... Extremely helpful.. I guided the same to my clan mates.. ready with anti air bases.. let's see how it's gonna work..

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    This is getting worse every war now...same has happened to our clan has 2 th11,12 th10 and 4 th9 but opponent has 12 th11 and 4 th10 we will Fight for this war...Our clan lvl 12 was formed on 2014,315 wars won,but now we think like quiting this game..Supercell WARS are more important then clan games.. Focus on wars..Thank you
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    Sad matchup ..Hope it doesnt happen again :3

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    It feels like they are switching it back and forth every update/maintenance break. We engineer and our matchups have been better since the update. Still taking way to long to find matches though. We end up starting war mid day cause mm doesn't like us in the evening. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccmushroom View Post
    It feels like they are switching it back and forth every update/maintenance break. We engineer and our matchups have been better since the update. Still taking way to long to find matches though. We end up starting war mid day cause mm doesn't like us in the evening. lol
    Have you tried starting your search in the middle of the day to see if you get a match in the evening? Just curious to know whether your search start time signfiicantly impacts the search length time.
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    Last war we were matched up against a clan with 12 th11s, 8 th10s and 20 th9s. All our th8s and down from #25 to #40 couldn't do more than clearing just 5 bases out of 40.

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    I have been at the receiving ens of this quite a many times. So i am quite sure you will win if your defenses and cc are managed effectively.
    PS- we won the last war i mentioned above. Skill prevails over engineering anyday!

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