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Thread: Lvl 40, 530 vp, all purple/red statues looking for a home with DAILY ops

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    Mutiny 141 come check it out

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    Relaxed 50 player TF except there's 20 of us looking for laid back but active members. We run Ops daily and are a friendly bunch from all over the world. I can't promise we will be the best TF in the world but always make anyone welcome and try to keep drama to a bare minimum. Feel free to have a look, we do ask for 25 Intel per week but that's just the minimum so we can comfortably keep running ops. We do have a few 100+ guys and some that roll at 25 so it works out ok the main thing we look for is Op participation. Just had a change round trying to reignite things and now have space again. We have players based all over North America and Europe but also worldwide and although its a predominantly English speaking task force we have members from all over. Hope to see you about or if not i hope you find what youre looking for but you've nothing to lose by calling in for a bit.

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    #800lpgup hit us up. 25 tf that Just went to 50. Laid back but ops daily. Looking to fill the group.

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    Check out Tazmanian Haven

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    Mutiny 141

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    Hey Hit,

    if you are still looking and if you have any interest in a 25 that is chilling, feel free to take a look at United Force. We are currently chilling at Choke daily starting at 8:00cst every night. Great place to grow an account. We have several skilled players. Come visit with us if you are interested.

    United Force

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    #2L2VJR0 The Legion. Starting chokepoint tonight come check us out. Laid back active tf

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    Dutch Fun best family on boom beach! Teams for all level players

    Dutch fun: biggest Dutch family on boom beach is looking for you!

    - 25 Dutch Fun BOOM 20.00 CET 14 Bottleneck
    - 25 Dutch Fun Ateam 20.00CET 18 choke point ( brand new team)
    - 25 Dutch Fun Chaos 20.45 CET 17 Stronghold
    - 25 Dutch Fun Junks 21.00 CET 17 Stronghold
    - 25 Dutch Fun World 21.00 CET 21 Deep Cut
    - 10 Dutch Fun X 21.00 CET 20 Dead End (Lb team)
    - 5 Dutch Fun High5 21.30 CET 16 Foxtrot ( Lb team)
    - 10 Dutch Fun Evil 21.30 CET 8 Early Bird
    - 25 Dutch Fun Noobs 21.35 CET 22 Massive Attack (Lb team)
    - 10 Dutch Fun Crazy 22.00 CET just started
    - 25 Dutch Fun DBB 22.00 CET 18 Choke point
    - 25 Dutch Fun 2 22.00 CET 16 Foxtrot
    - 25 Dutch Fun H25 22.00 CET 20 Massive Attack ( almost Lb team)

    -Dutch Fun YT Check Events
    -Dutch Fun XXV Check Events
    -Dutch Fun skool check events

    We are looking for new players or teams to merge with us.
    Download BAND app: Dutch Fun family.
    Join us and we will guide you to your new team (ask for admin)
    We have teams with no boost required or fully boosted!
    Pro boomers who help you get better.
    Dutch and/or English speaking teams.

    Join and make Boom Beach great with us!
    Best regards,
    Dutch Fun.

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    just started a 10 man TF 1 ft in the dr come join us our first op will be in the morning. We are a feeder group for 1 ft out the dr

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    Yo hitclub we have 3 tfs you might be interested in, alpha/arctic/iron wolf co. Come check us out! :-)

    W o l f C o m p a n y F a m i l y T a s k f o r c e s
    A TF for everywolf. What kind of Wolf are you? 🐺......

    New to Boom Beach? Join our pack of cubs...
    ⚡ The Hunt has begun! ⚡Our beginners TF: "Wolf Co. Cubs" #9YU080L9. Learn the basics, daily ops. recruitment academy for the Wolf Company Family

    ⚡The Hunt Continues!⚡Our main "HQ" taskforce: "Wolf Company" #PLPU99YQ 200vp req. 50 man. Great place to learn and practice or to be with lower lvl ALTs & friends, also a stepping stone to our higher TFs. daily ops

    ⚡ The Hunt is On!, Lets blow some stuff up! 🎆⚡Our High level TF; "Alpha Wolf Co." #99PJ8RYR 500vp req 25man. top 1.5k tf. CP,/CC/DE bring your banter and your guns, daily ops. Active members only, 50 Intel/wk min

    ⚡The Hunt is On!⚡Our High level, active, no pressure 'chill' TF; "Arctic Wolf Co." #9R9CVP8Q just gone 25man could take a merger. Also a good place to be with lower lvl ALTs & friends, active members only, daily ops

    ⚡The Hunt is On!⚡Our High level AZ Acadamy TF; "Iron Wolf Co." #9RGU2J8Q 500vp req. Just gone 10man. All members must learn AZ and be able to use all troops, strategic chat before attack is usually required, slightly lower ops for AZ only solo training.

    Check us out on band; Wolf Company Boom Beach: guides, chat n more!.. :-)

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