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Thread: Th11 3 star strategies

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    Th11 3 star strategies

    I'm a fresh TH11 (max TH10) and i'm looking for 3 star strategies at TH11. I've been trying bowlers, witches, healers but that has been very unsuccessful in war even with power potions.

    I'd like to compile a list of TH11 3 star strategies so that I can start practicing them.

    So what is your favorite TH11 3 star attack?

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    As a fresh TH11, I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself to 3 star other TH11's too early.
    You will need that Warden levelled up!!

    There's a couple of good air raids here if Lavaloon is your preference (4.10 on).

    Good luck in your new TH11 adventure!
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    th11 3 star strategies are all base dependent so it is not like one army can 3 star a bunch of th11 bases. Here are the attack strats that I have found to work very well and have a potential to achieve 3 stars:

    Aq walk into wibo with delayed valks for the core - best for ring bases
    aq walk into laloon - best for bases where queen walk/charge can get at least 2 air d, enemy aq, cc and a sweeper
    laloon spam - best for bases with hound/loon or golem in cc so you don't need to worry about it. Also better on more symmetrical bases
    kill squad into laloon - best when an air d, cc, and aq can all be killed with a small kill squad then laloon the rest
    dragloon clone - best when suicide heroes can get atleast 1 air d preferrably 2. Also works well if base has air d all on one side
    aq walk/charge into miners or hogs - best when walk/charge can kill enemy cc, aq, and an inferno. Time seems to be my biggest issue with these attacks.
    babyloon clone - never tried this yet but I would imagine if dragloon clone works then this would in a very similar fashion.
    bowitch - best when splash d is more centralized so that witches and bowlers can freely walk each side of base while main hoard goes up the middle.
    bohealer - I have never tried this type of attack but it could be fairly powerful with the new inferno nerf.
    HGHB - never tried this yet either but PB just posted a YouTube video showing that it has some potnetial. May not be a 3* attack though.

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    My go to right now is AQ walk, mass miners, bowlers in CC. Been killing it in wars and in legend league. You clear half of one side with QW, BK/Bowlers clear other side and send miners into middle/core. Rage / Heal and it's a wrap! Course having the Warden ability / defense buff make a huge difference...
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    Its hard to 3star a th11 especially maxed one.
    In th11 it doesn't really need you to 3s almost war bases 2s is good enough already.

    Especially you're new th11 and needed to upgrade heroes and war troops.

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    Since you're a new th11 I'd assume you'd be hitting new th11s as well. Level 7 hogs get a pretty big boost and they're very effective against all th11s. They steam role bases with non max point defense though with a good funnel made by a golem kill squad or queen walk. I like to do Gordon with the hogs if I do a queen walk but I use Gordon with a golem kill squad as I usually do 2 golem, five bowler. Five invincible bowlers do work under a rage spell.
    Upgrade hogs > healers > wall breakers for that attack I'd say. Only one dark troop to upgrade so that's nice.
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