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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainfeeb View Post
    @Sharky I'll adress your question. The thread that the person will post regards to CoC so it should be posted in CoC, simple, right?
    Well that’s where we would want them to post a Clash of Clans general post, but they often don’t. That’s the problem - people unfamiliar with forums as new to the place just do post things in wrong places until they get the hang of it, no matter what you do to help make it as clear as possible. Even if they find the general forum for their one of the three games they often post there instead of in the correct subforum.

    I think it’s better the way it is with most of the landing here in the one place, especially as it is a quieter forum area. That way the Clash Royale ones can be found and closed quickly by mods while there’s a good supply of helpful, kind practical people keeping an eye out here who will do the right thing: welcome the OP, let them know gently that this isn’t the right place, give them the link to the correct place for the future, report the post to be moved, and tell the OP it will get moved (if it’s not CR) so we don’t leave the mistaken impression they should create a duplicate elsewhere (which also helps others know it has already been reported). If it’s CR I just don’t reply and report it, the mods have no doubt got a cut/paste of the links and need to go there to close it anyway.

    I would suggest you avoid using the word “report” to the OP as it sounds a bit like they did something punishable rather than that we’ve made a call for a bit of mod filing assistance for a newbie. And no “wrong sub forum full stop” too blunt stuff...if that’s the best you got, leave it to another more welcoming person to reply.
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    To be honest, none of these solutions would or actually could work. This is because, most (actually 95%) of the spam, rant or off-topic threads here are from Clash Royale. If you want evidence, its infront of you. See the first page.

    Most Fresh Spawns (especially CR ones) are coming to Forum Talk because the link they click when they want to view the Clash Royale forum, redirects them to an unknown and actually unexpected site.

    They close the tab when they see a new link is popping up and comes to Forum Talk since the link takes them to another site where they again have to create an account to chat. Another reason is, all other game discussion subforum has their game's logo, so they don't click on those sub forums and quickly head towards Forum Talk, which has the Official Supercell Logo, thinking Forum Talk is the place for all game related discussions or a place where Supercell Staff hangout.

    So overall, my point is, changing the logo, name or anything else wouldn't completely cut-off Fresh Spawn spam here because this is the only place where they can talk, CR spam is a thing which we would have to keep dealing with as long as SC dosen't bring back CR sub forum. And as I said, they don't click on other game forums because they have their game's logo, while this had SC's logo.

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