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Thread: Give upgrades a Diminishing Gem Cost Per Level.

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    Give upgrades a Diminishing Gem Cost Per Level.

    I may be wrong about gem costs, but right now it seems using a gem for elixir at level TH 1 nets you the same amount at TH level 11. This makes the use of gems past TH9 pretty much useless.

    Problem: Currently it costs $12,068.77 to become max TH11 (not including gem time required which is 572-2860 days). Supercell has publicly stated that it wants more people at TH9 before TH12 will be launched. Most people I know that pay into the game realize the extreme rising costs with each level and give up on the game around TH7-8. Supercell is constantly nerfing the gold/elixer/dark elixir cost to try and get people to compete, but has not looked at why gems are pretty much not being used.

    Why not give diminishing costs based on either Town Hall/Builder Base level or player level? I am by no means saying allow an canon upgrade that is 1 gem at level 1 to be 1 gem at level 11. What I am suggesting is diminishing such as with each (either TH level or player level, supercell's choice) the gem produces x % more of the resource/time reduction. (say 3% per town hall level or .25% per player level).

    For example, currently a town hall 1->2 upgrade costs 1000 gold or 5 gems. TH 10->11 = 7,000,000 or 2200 gems.
    Walls are 50 gold or less than 1 gem at level 1 and 10,821,050 or 3,552 gems at level 12.

    Using a gem * TH bonus of say 3% means that a TH11 would have a 38.4% bonus and be able to build that same wall at the cost of 2566 gems instead or upgrade from TH10->11 at a cost of 1637 gems with a 34.39% bonus. Incentivizing players to actually upgrade their town halls. The real payoff for most players would be gemming to finish upgrades as gold/elixir/dark elixir are easy to come by and waiting for builders to finish is massively slowing the progress of players in upgrading. A 34% reduction in gem cost for time might actually get players to gem the upgrades and start farming for their next upgrade faster.

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    A 34% reduction in gem cost in any form will cost SC money, thus, it will never happen. Also, when has SC ever said anything about wanting players to be th9 before th12 is released? Did you just make that up?

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    I partially agree with you, I think a lot of the money spenders leave the game once the extreme costs start appearing. If they can keep them playing then it would be an increased income. It may not be as much as the $12k for a TH11, but 2k > 0 =)

    As far as the second part, I would have to look for it... It wasn't forum it was them talking about the release schedule in a builder hall notice. The article was focused around builder hall 9 since BH8 is planned for early 2018. They made a comment that TH12 was pushed back due to lack of TH9's and that BH9 wouldn't be released until after TH12 was. If I can find the article I'll link it here for you.

    Edit: Here is one reference to it (but not the one I remember reading). I can't seem to find the article I read around the same time (and the one I had actually had a link to either darian or a supercell stream (because 99% of those sites are rumors) but I gave the article credit because of it's reference. The one I liked is pretty close to the same thing, but doesn't have the reference, I will keep digging.
    Edit#2: Another similar article It was out there, but I'm done searching
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