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Thread: Anti Hog - Loon - (Dragon)

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    he is trolling me, isn't he ?


    Ever played in clan wars ? It doesn't matter if you get one or two stared.
    Every CW I'm getting attacked 3-7 times and I mostly end up with two stars until the 1, 2 or 3 starts attacking me.
    This time I even managed to end with one star (99%). I was attacked by a TH9 (Numer 3 in CW). He was using maxed troops for TH9 and my base still held(even though it was really close).

    PS: We got a perfect (100%) CW - again ;-)
    PPS: Just farm your ressources. I'm getting like 10-20 Millions Ressources per day. Not sure why I should bother to protect them and lose sustainability. There are so many dead bases...

    Yes, you are right. I was testing it myself and the base wasn't working anymore against hogs. Seems like I messed up. It was (at least in the beginning).
    I made some major changes to the base including an upgraded Version for TH8. I might post it as soon as my testing is done.
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    10-20 million per day? Who is going to believe that? Anyway, I am not there in a fight so I'll just say sorry.
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