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Thread: Raidme!? / 1380 vp player : is there a max number of home base raid per day ?

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    Question Raidme!? / 1380 vp player : is there a max number of home base raid per day ?

    Hey guys, I’m currently ranked 4th Canadian rankings and 180th global but I’m wondering something .. I see high vp players with 2 boosted blues and other with 7 .. so it made me think ... is there a max amount of home base getting raid per day ? As proof for my ranking or just if you wanna learn some ways and tactics to play, visit my YouTube channel . Here is a video on 26th global raid :

    username : Raidme!?

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    I’ve never heard of a limit on how many times your base can get raided or attacked daily. It’s not really tied to spawn rates as players could hold your base waiting for whatever reason to attack you and it’s possibl for them to all choose the same day. Players at higher vp are used to seeing heavily iced bases & when they see a low ice base they get excited, especially if it has a good amount of gold. But if you are vp pushing they are going to attack you regardless, that’s what they do.
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