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Thread: Attacking strategy

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    Dra loon is best ..I use 7 drags 9 loons 1 hog to bring cc out 10 arch ..2 rage 1 heal and loons in cc...easy 3 star any base

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    Back again from my 2-week long break!
    Thank you!!!

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    For war with TH7 and Th8: hogs hogs and more hogs (plus a cc kill squad)....hate to say it but this is basically a 3 star guarantee

    For farming with th7 - a few giants, a few bombs, and the rest gobs (or all gobs)...I used all gobs until Th8.
    th8 - loonian, barch, gibarch (each with 20 gobs)

    Frankly you don't need to waste your time upgrading drags or you will never need to use them (except for putting drags in war ccs)

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    I was frequently killing TH8s in CWs as a TH7.
    With this strategy I also managed to push to Master in less than 3 days.

    3 archer (for huts)
    1 Giant (lure CC.)
    20 wizards (or 15 wizards and 5 ice wizards)
    2 healer (should target CC Troops...)
    1 minion (killing valks or loons)
    14 hogs (1 hog for luring if a giant is not working)
    CC: Giants

    I took a video with two fights.
    1 CW battle and my last battle to Master
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