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Thread: i need active clan for clan games

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    I am Th12 almost maxed looking for a clan which get max clan games reward and do regular war and are in master 2 or above in league my game id #28L0JY0RR

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    Join us "War Devils". Level 16 clan with very friendly players. We are a group of players from all over the world so we don't have a regional preference and we do communicate in English as our main preferred language. We participate in war daily. We complete clan games in 2-3 days and we do participate in CWL each time. If you are interested then send us a request or you can ping me in forum or reply to this thread. Thank you.
    Our clan tag is "#YR89L2LV".

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    Hi, we are BorderGoonSquad a lvl13 war clan. We are split with our members between Europe and NA but run on European timings. It means we pretty much always have people on and able to donate all the time. Our 9s and below go to our sister clan meaning we have a lot of 12s in the clan.

    We do back to back wars which are opt in / out with an 84% win rate. We are Masters 2 for CWL and hoping to keep pushing.

    If we sound right for you come chat to us in game:
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    My name is G Money in the game and I just took over my old dormant clan. Iím looking for active war players without a rushed base, engineered ok. We are a level 10 clan named Pulp Fiction (#2880YY2V) Looking for th8 and up and could really use th10ís and up. We have siege machines and maxed troops for donations, please look us up and join!! We are an adult clan and war back to back! We max out in clan games and is active in CWL. We are a Michigan based war clan and start wars around 11pm eastern time.

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