I'm fortunate enough to be a part of an established invite only hood with a strong core group, so we can be a little more picky when it comes to new members. We try to vet newbies first with a little chat and discussion to make sure it's a favorable matchup on both sides. The competition in this forum for new neighbors is intense, there are 10 hoods looking for new neighbors for every one player looking for a hood, so I can see how difficult it is not only for hoods to get people, but also for people to find like minded hoods. Looking for a hood ads are blanketed with copy/paste replies from dozens of hoods, most who haven't even read the ad, and I can see the frustration on both sides.
I only reply to ads that are sincere and list basic requirements that I think they would be a good match for the core group. Most work out, some leave after a period of time, and some eventually go inactive, but the core group remains and we deal with the slow turnover rate.