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Thread: Lvl-11, Adult, USA clan rebuilding.

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    Lvl-11, Adult, USA clan rebuilding.

    Warrriors, #L890QL8

    Rebuilding a once busy and dominate clan. Promotions are earned not given. We war - skip a day - war. Looking for players of all lvl's and sizes. Put Claw of Hawk in request. Building back up won't be quick or easy. But hopefully we can get back to where we were. Many of our must dominate players just became bored with the game. Others just quit because they would perfect an attack after leveling up the needed troop only to have supercell nerf them. The creator of the clan just gave me the clan and looking to try and beat our old 116 war win streak. Can't do it with out a well rounded adult team. Look forward to meeting you all.
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