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Thread: 😁😁😁 Calling All Chat-aholics!!!!!!! 😁😁😁

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    Hey! Or hay, I should say? I’m currently looking for a neighborhood to join with my friend. My friend has already requested in and I would like to join, however I’m only lvl 39. Would y’all be willing to make an exception and letting me join below required lvl? I am active daily and will likely be at lvl 50 in a couple weeks.

    Quote Originally Posted by staceylovesrichard View Post
    Hay there, ho there!
    ➡➡➡ Make Wheat, Not War! ⬅⬅⬅

    ⛤ We are currently at 18 neighbors. We are an amazing team! We work really well together and everyone holds their own weight and helps each other out. This is definitely the hood you've been looking for. ⛤

    Please read our guidelines thoroughly as we will not be making exceptions! 🚫

    🌻 Adults only! 21+! English chat.
    🌻 Please bring your sense of humor and a bottle of wine! (OK, OK, the latter is just a suggestion!)
    🌻 You must be interactive and enjoy some friendly banter! Boring neighbors are boring.
    🌻 We are looking for derby players! You will be required to complete your tasks for the correct amount of points or opt out! *Please see more descriptive derby rules below ☟
    🌻 All neighbors are promoted to elder to help trash tasks!
    🌻 GIVE & take!
    🌻 Level to join is set at 50.
    🌻 You will never be asked to use diamonds. 🚫💎

    🏇🏁🏁🏁 DERBY RULES!🏁🏁🏁🏇

    🏆 You will be required to complete all 9 tasks, each task for 300 points or higher!
    🏆 All tasks are first come, first served! Sorry, but no calling dibs. 😊
    🏆 If a task is expired, accidentally trashed, etc... please communicate and let us know what's up! You will not be kicked or asked to use diamonds to make up for a failed task, so long as you keep us in the loop. A quick explanation and apology would be great! 😊 (If this is a frequent problem, however, you will be opted out or kicked from the hood.)
    🏆 BINGO! We aim for two bingo lines if the reward is extra horseshoe prizes! We aim for one line if the reward is extra derby points, so long as the tasks we chose are still 300+ points (it would be silly to sacrifice points to achieve a Bingo that gives you extra points.. you feel me? Lol). We have a Facebook group page to help outline the strategy with pictures, but it is not mandatory for you to join. We will be able to communicate the plan through the neighborhood messages as well.
    🏆 Please check the board frequently and trash everything below 300 points.


    We have a Facebook group page established. It is private, strictly for neighbors, and used for easy communication; whether to help with bingo derbies or just to call on someone when you need something. We might also share pictures, recipes, play games, etc!! 😄

    If this sounds good to you, and you are an active, chatty player, come check us out!! We'd love to meet you. 😊

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    Make Wheat, Not War!

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    Bump thread!

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    Hi I would like to join but it says invite only
    Quote Originally Posted by staceylovesrichard View Post
    Make Wheat, Not War!
    Tag #98QGPYUC

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