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    Look Alex call it what you want. Call it a participation trophy, call it a off day for your clan, call it whatever you want. Let's not argue about semantics. You go into the war with the intentions to win, not tie, not lose, win. Anything other than a win is a loss in my view.

    And yes you’re correct, clearly this is an English user forum. And clearly, I’ve communicated in English. Don’t you have some fresh spawns to troll on the general subforum?
    Yup nobody wars too lose or tie. No one ties willingly. Fine then just make draws impossible. Introduce tiebreakers so that tie is nearly impossible. Its not the both clans fault they tied. They gave their best. Its just that there is nothing left for them to show they are better than the other. The %age tiebreaker was really a nice addition but it is still not enough.
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    we've only had 4 draws out of nearly 600 wars...if you don't win well, you don't win
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    I'm not agree with you ..!! #Blaze
    Win is win .. Doesn't matter how .. ����

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    This doesnt seem like a discussion. OP wants it his way and wont budge. Not sure why anyone is bothering to reason with him.

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